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Fowler Toyota of Tulsa is sponsoring free daily fitness classes during the month of May at Guthrie Green.

By: Duane Blankenship | Category: Other | Issue: May 2013

Jonathan Fowler and Ken Wilkins, representing Fowler Toyota of Tulsa, have spearheaded Fitness on the Green in partnership with the Downtown Tulsa YMCA.

Jonathan Fowler and Ken Wilkins, representing Fowler Toyota of Tulsa, have spearheaded Fitness on the Green in partnership with the Downtown Tulsa YMCA.

If you are not familiar with Guthrie Green, here’s a great opportunity to get acquainted. Guthrie Green is an urban ­garden and performance space in the heart of the Brady Arts District in downtown Tulsa. It provides a unique space for Tulsans to congregate, shop and enjoy downtown’s newest urban park. Fowler Toyota of Tulsa has partnered with the Downtown YMCA to offer free fitness ­classes on Guthrie Green each day, Monday through Saturday, during the month of May. Classes will be geared towards downtown Tulsa’s professionals and their families, and everyone is welcome to attend.

    Jonathan Fowler, vice ­president of operations for Fowler Holding Company/Corporate Headquarters, and Ken Wilkins, general manager of Fowler Toyota of Tulsa, are excited about Fowler’s sponsorship ­participation of Fitness on the Green. “Fowler has a strong ­philosophy of giving back to the communities in which we serve,” Jonathan said, “and we love being involved in the arts, ­culture, health and fitness.” Ken added, “These are the areas in which we want to maintain the focus of Fowler Toyota of Tulsa as we continue serving our ­community.”

    When Fowler and Wilkins first met with project ­co-sponsors, they immediately ­realized that Fowler had the desire and resources to sponsor Fitness on the Green for the entire month of May. You may not choose to attend each daily class, but you certainly have that option to broaden your exercise experience. A variety of fitness and health-geared events will be conducted by professional area fitness instructors, and each class will be held for one hour. Although the Monday through Friday classes are mostly for adults, there will be a class called “Mommy & Me” each Saturday of the month for moms and their children. This class will be held from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. Gift items will be distributed to participants every day, and you may learn more about Fitness on the Green by visiting the ­website,


    Boot Camp will be offered twice each week, Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30 p.m. It is a one-hour class that provides a complete total body workout to help you get in shape or ­challenge your body to reach its fullest potential. You will ­experience intervals of power walking or jogging and spurts of cardio endurance, athletic drills, kickboxing and strength training. With the incorporation of high and low intensity intervals of exercise, your body is able to maximize its caloric burn as it enters the fat-burning zone.  

    Other classes will include Tai Chi, Family Yoga, Fitness Walking, and Mommy & Me each Saturday morning. The Family Yoga class is held each Wednesday morning at 10:30 a.m. and a special Yoga class will be presented by lululemon each Wednesday at 6 p.m.  

    The Friday Fitness Walking class will take a different route each week to expose participants to the history of downtown Tulsa. They will experience a synergism through the group class environment and will, hopefully, find ongoing support, motivation and inspiration to continue their walking experience for health and weight loss. Beginners and experienced walkers will feel comfortable during the workout and will enjoy the historic sites of downtown Tulsa.

    Fowler Toyota of Tulsa is proud to be a sponsor of Fitness on the Green. In doing so, they are providing an incredible opportunity for you and your family, whatever your fitness ­level. Be sure to watch for other Fowler sponsored events throughout the year.

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