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First Choice for Auto Rental

Travel and save with Toyota Rent a Car from Jim Norton Toyota.

By: Eddie Stephens | Category: Automotive | Issue: January 2007

Scott Graham, Rental Car Manager at Jim Norton Toyota

Today’s rental car market has many choices. Some business, weekend or vacation travelers prefer the familiarity of a trusted brand when renting is necessary.

Toyota Rent a Car offers brand loyalty and quality transportation options for your car rental needs. You have options with any model in their fleet and the backing of Toyota quality.

Scott Graham, Rental Car Manager at Jim Norton Toyota, has 40 years of automotive rental experience. He has invested four years at this solid Tulsa area dealership and has served on Toyota Rent a Car’s National Advisory Board for three years.

“Jim Norton Toyota has generously provided rental options to their service customers through the years. Short-term, weekend and vacation requests for their quality vehicles began to increase outside of that so we decided to enter the retail renting market,” says Scott.

Toyota owners are the primary users of the service. As more people are drawn to this best-selling brand, some could use weekend, business or vacation travel as an opportunity to explore Toyota quality.

Scott makes it clear, “All our models are available to renters. Choose from cars, including the ever popular Camry, trucks and SUVs.

The Camry is our most popular rental, somewhat matching its sales success. We have a large local fleet of them available.”

Most vehicles come equipped with standard options such as power windows and door locks, tilt steering wheel, cruise control and CD players. Some rental vehicles do include DVD players and navigational systems.

According to Scott they have fresh cars always available. You can count on each vehicle to have low mileage.

Another fresh approach to renting through Jim Norton Toyota is their availability to business travelers. Local companies can assure that clients visiting the Tulsa area receive an excellent rental vehicle and convenient service.

Toyota Rent a Car has a rental counter at Tulsa’s Radisson Hotel at 41st Street near Garnett Road. The on-site location is open seven days a week and provides courtesy service to and from the Tulsa International Airport.

This additional outlet provides a business traveler with one-stop convenience. They have the option of booking a room and a rental car at the same location with shuttle service to and from the airport.

With convenient hours at the hotel location our rental customers can arrange to pick up their vehicle there if they choose. Courtesy transportation service is also available to and from our dealership location during weekday business hours of 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Rental rates are consistent through each service location. Scott says the Radisson Hotel location offers some discounted rental rates with an advanced reservation.

Rate options allow for unlimited mileage and travel throughout the continental United States. Some rates come with fixed mileage limitations.

The weekly rate covers seven days of usage, but customers pay for only six days. Weekend rate packages cover three full days – Friday to Sunday. Your reserved vehicle can be picked up during normal business hours on Friday, and returned by the same time on Monday.

Each rental agreement may be paid with a major credit card and requires proof of full insurance coverage. No insurance rider is sold by the agency, therefore, you are only charged the rental rate, plus tax and you must return it with a full fuel tank.

You have options when you rent a vehicle. With Jim Norton and Toyota Rent a Car you can narrow those options to reliable cars, trucks and SUVs.

For more information, contact

Toyota Rent a Car at Jim Norton Toyota

9809 S. Memorial Dr., Tulsa, OK 74133(918) 250-6888 ext.

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