Fireworks for Fundraising

Big Blast Fireworks’ mission is to provide fireworks as a fundraising tool for nonprofit organizations.

By: Joshua Danker-Dake | Category: Recreation/Leisure | Issue: July 2010

The ribbon cutting and grand opening celebration of Big Blast Fireworks in Bixby.

The ribbon cutting and grand opening celebration of Big Blast Fireworks in Bixby.

This Independence Day, if you’re looking to celebrate with a fireworks show of your own, Big Blast Fireworks promises to save you money and help you support a local nonprofit group.

Big Blast Fireworks’ mission is to provide fireworks as a fundraising tool for nonprofit organizations. Each Big Blast Fireworks location is staffed by a different nonprofit group. “We help all kinds of nonprofit organizations with their fundraising,” says owner Sherry Barbour. “Churches, civic organizations, schools and sports teams.”

Big Blast Fireworks is committed to helping get you the best assortment of fireworks for your money. “We have great items in all price ranges,” says Barbour. “Whether you come in with $6 or $100, we have something for your family. Either way, you should shop early for best selection. We have great family packs – they go the quickest, so come in before the Fourth.”

There are a couple of fancier items that Barbour particularly likes. “We have so many great fireworks. I love the Captain America Parachute Show. It’s a daytime firework that shoots off 30 huge parachutes with flags and colored smoke; it’s a great party starter. Our best grand finale item comes from the ­multi-action category; light them once and watch them fly. My personal favorite is the large Crazy Daisy, which has 193 progressive shots.”

Big Blast Fireworks stands behind the quality of all its products – they guarantee you won’t have any duds, but just in case, they’re open through July 5 if you have any problem with any of your items on the Fourth.

Big Blast Fireworks is a family-owned company. “I love to sell fireworks,” says Barbour. “We’re crazy about fireworks. When we got married, my husband came in with a suitcase in one hand and a box of fireworks in the other. We took what he loved and made it into a business. We started Big Blast Fireworks in 1986 to fund our children’s Christian education – after three years, we were able to put our kids through Victory Christian School and after five, we got started as a fundraising company to help nonprofit groups with their causes. Now, we’re our own best customers. Our children work with us – they know the business backwards and forwards. It’s always been important to us to keep it as a family business.”

If you think selling fireworks is right for your nonprofit organization, Big Blast Fireworks is taking applications for next year. It’s a short time commitment – just a couple weeks. “Under Oklahoma law, fireworks season opens June 15,” says Barbour. “We open the first weekend after Father’s Day, and stay open until July 5.”

Big Blast Fireworks will help you with every step of the fundraising process. “We work hard to drive our groups to their goals,” says Barbour. “If your group qualifies, there are no up-front costs or inventory carryover. We’ll help you through each stage, get you all the information you need, and fill you in on state fireworks laws.”

Whether you’re looking for fireworks for your holiday celebration or if you think fireworks could be a fundraising solution for your nonprofit organization, check out Big Blast Fireworks. “If you come and shop at any of our locations, you’ll support your community groups, you’ll leave with a good selection, and you’ll enjoy what you’ve got,” says Barbour.

For more information, including a full list of Big Blast Fireworks locations and nonprofit groups, visit You can also follow Big Blast Fireworks on Facebook and Twitter for contests, freebies, and coupons.

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