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Fantastic Figures and Healthier Bodies

Lotti Magdaleno is looking for men and women from all walks of life to join her team and become distributors of Ardyss Body Shapers.

By: Sheryl Sowell | Category: Health & Beauty | Issue: December 2010

Lotti Magdaleno is an authorized distributor of the Body Shaper by Ardyss, and she wears her garment daily.

Lotti Magdaleno is an authorized distributor of the Body Shaper by Ardyss, and she wears her garment daily.

After Lotti Magdaleno retired, she wanted to take it easy – spend time with her family, maybe take up fishing. But soon a business opportunity arrived that she simply couldn’t pass up. “I was in ministry school with a young lady who introduced me to Body Shapers by Ardyss. She came over with a group of women wearing the garments, and they all looked so nice. I tried one on, and I did not want to get out of it,” says Lotti. “I instantly felt more beautiful and feminine. I’m 69 years old – in a couple months I’ll be 70, and my figure looked like it belonged to an 18 year old.”

Lotti began wearing her Body Shaper every day and was receiving compliment after compliment, as well as people asking her where they could buy one. “Everyone was always asking what I did to look so great. When I said it was the Body Shaper, they all wanted one. I decided becoming a distributor would be a wonderful opportunity.”

Lotti’s business partner is her daughter E’Lena Ashley, who is also a schoolteacher. In addition to the figure-boosting, Lotti and E’Lena were both drawn to the therapeutic benefits of wearing the garment.

There are lots of shapewear garments available, but many women – and men – will tell you that none compare to the Body Shaper by Ardyss. That’s because this medical-grade garment was designed by an orthopedic surgeon and a medical engineer, addressing the issues of both health and aesthetics.

As the body matures, internal organs enlarge and become misplaced, resulting in flab, rolls and love handles. The Body Shaper by Ardyss holds organs in place through compression as it works to reshape the body by shifting and smoothing soft tissue. Anyone of any size can achieve a better silhouette, and will drop two to three sizes instantly – just by putting it on. “And as you regularly wear the garment, it aids in continued weight loss,” says Lotti. The Body Shaper helps flatten the tummy, accentuate the bust line, get rid of back flab, reduce thighs, and shape and lift the buttocks.

“The garment supports vertebrae in the spine, aligning the body into anatomical position, or the position it is designed to be in, and allowing organs to function as they should,” says Lotti. “Many of us do not walk or sit correctly, and the Body Shaper improves your posture and encourages deep breathing. You can really feel an increase in energy.”

The Body Shaper is not just for women; men and children benefit from wearing one as well. “Men can wear it as an undershirt and instantly lose two to three sizes. Mechanics absolutely love it – they have to do a lot of twisting and turning, and the garment reduces the strain on their backs. My son is a football player, and he said wearing the Body Shaper helps him play better. Bodybuilders say wearing it makes exercise more comfortable,” says Lotti. “For overweight children, the Body Shaper is wonderful for building self-esteem. It helps them instantly look like they’ve lost weight, as well as helping them to actually lose weight in the long run.”

Lotti is looking for men and women from all walks of life to join her team and become distributors of Ardyss Body Shapers. It’s a successful venture with a product that people truly want and benefit from. “I sell these garments everywhere I go, including to the general public and businesses such as bridal shops, boutiques, fitness centers and health professionals.”

Being a distributor has amazing promise for success. “We have a couple on our team who can attest to the great financial potential. The wife got started in the Ardyss business while the husband was working for a multi-billion dollar corporation. He now makes more money in the Body Shaper business than at his other job.”

Lotti says that she and her team also sell natural health aids that are transforming many of their clients. “We also offer an anti-wrinkle cream that is a client favorite and prevents the need for facelifts,” says Lotti.

For more information about purchasing the Body Shaper by Ardyss, or about becoming a distributor, please call Lotti Magdaleno at (918) 955-9937 or visit

For more information, contact

Lotti Magdaleno, Authorized Distributor

Body Shapers by Ardyss

(918) 955-9937

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