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John Hamilton and his wife Lori became sweethearts in high school when they were 17 years old.

By: Duane Blankenship | Category: In Our Communities | Issue: March 2009

John and Lori Hamilton, along with their children Caitlyn and Clayton, provide music for Lighthouse Apostolic Church, the home mission church they founded in January of this year.

John Hamilton and his wife Lori became sweethearts in high school when they were 17 years old. After they were married, work brought them to Oklahoma. John is a graduate of Spartan School of Aeronautics and has worked for American Airlines for the past 13 years. Lori is a realtor with Coldwell Banker Select. They have lived in the state for the past 20 years.

The Hamiltons have helped start Apostolic home mission churches in Tulsa and in Parsons, Kansas. He drove the 200-mile roundtrip to Parsons twice each week for more than a year. The Hamilton family has been praying about starting a new home mission Apostolic church in Claremore for some time, and they accepted that calling in January this year. Lighthouse Apostolic Church is in its infancy. “We are seeking those who currently are not attending church,” says John. 

Apostolic means Apostle-like and according to John, “That’s just what our church is endeavoring to be.” They preach the same gospel that the Apostles preached. The foundational teachings of Jesus and the Apostles were that there is but one God and that repentance and remission of sins would come in the name of Jesus. They believe that the devout faith of believers makes a distinct difference in their lives, both inwardly and outwardly. 

The Apostolic Church teaches that the plan of salvation is the first and most important step of the new convert. “It is evidenced in Acts 2:38, 8:16-17, 10:44-48, and 19:1-6,” says John. “The revelation of God and his holiness will come when you are led by the Spirit of Truth which is the Holy Ghost (John 16:13 and 14:26).”

The Apostolic Church has faith in prayer and the miracles of God’s word. “We also believe that God loves true worship from the heart, and His presence will inhabit the praise of His people,” says Lori.

The Hamiltons related that they feel life is all about balance. “It can’t be all church, it can’t be all work, and it certainly can’t be all play. All three are essential,” says John.  Lighthouse Apostolic Church will endeavor to keep the balance of all three in their church family. Fellowship meetings, youth services and Bible conferences will be balanced with trips to Branson, lake or park outings, and backyard cookouts.

“In I John 4:8, we read that he that loveth not knoweth not God, for God is love,” says John. “Everyone I’ve ever known wants to love and be loved, and in reality I believe they are seeking God.” John believes that this is why there is now so much pressure on the family unit and why the enemy is trying so hard to break up marriages; he is attempting to destroy God by destroying true love. The Apostolic Church strives to build the strength of the family and, in doing so, helps young people make good choices that will last them a lifetime.

The main point the Hamilton family would like for you to consider is this: “You may make it through life without God and the church, but you will not make it through death without God’s church,” says John. “We will all go to Judgment Day and receive life eternal or eternal death. But the choice must personally be made by each of us now, in this life as we know it.”

For more information about Lighthouse Apostolic Church, please give John or Lori a call at (918) 261-1758 or (918) 261-1757. Services are held each Sunday at 2 p.m. and each Wednesday at 7 p.m., with prayer 30 minutes prior to each service.

For more information, contact

Lighthouse Apostolic Church

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(918) 261-1758

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