Extreme Tile Makeover

Grout Care of Tulsa offers an attractive alternative to tile replacement, for a fraction of the cost.

By: Deanna Rebro | Category: Other | Issue: February 2012

Kent Kantor can give tile floors an extreme and ­economical makeover just by changing the grout color. New colors are available on his color chart.

Kent Kantor can give tile floors an extreme and ­economical makeover just by changing the grout color. New colors are available on his color chart.

Kent Kantor says there is one comment he hears every day: “You’re on time!”

“That’s the greatest ­compliment to a contractor,” he adds. The Grout Care of Tulsa owner believes outstanding ­service and customer satisfaction are the reasons for his 14 years of success. Thousands of ­customers have given him a call before making the decision to rip out tile and replace it. And they are glad they did.

Grout Care of Tulsa is the city’s only grout and tile ­maintenance company. That’s their specialty, and they do it right. They clean tile and grout. They seal tile and grout. They regrout showers. And they color seal kitchen floors.

Many homeowners who see tiny cracks and spots of mold immediately think their tubs and showers need to be replaced. That is far from accurate. Grout Care of Tulsa provides the tools, the products and the skill to ­efficiently and cost effectively handle the problem, make the area watertight and keep it ­looking good for a long time. “We can refurbish tubs or showers to their original condition at a cost of about 20 percent of replacement,” says Kent.

He approaches every job with an eye toward saving the customer money. What will give him or her the best value for their dollar? And he treats every customer as a V.I.P. They really are very important people to Kent. They tell their friends about the wonderful service they got, how their tile looks new again and how they saved money by avoiding a major repair. That’s another satisfied customer who is driving more business to Grout Care of Tulsa.   

Some people with newer homes have called to ask if telltale signs could possibly mean something is wrong. Absolutely! New construction techniques have created grout problems in homes as new as two years old. Age makes no difference. But the length of time that a problem exists can make a big difference in damage and repair costs.

The first step is to look for worn, loose or missing grout on bathroom floors and showers or tubs. A close look around a bathtub rim, spigot, spigot cover, shower window, soap dish, shower door or shower base could uncover a major problem in the making. Left unattended, accumulations of subsurface water could eventually take out an entire wall.

More and more customers have called to ask what they can do about their dingy and dated kitchen floors. Kent explains that just changing the color of grout can give floors a makeover without ripping out a single tile. “Many people selected the wrong color of grout to begin with,” he explains, “but changing grout color is one of the easiest and most economical ways to update a kitchen floor or backsplash.”

Just about any color that a homeowner can imagine can be produced. They can change from dark to light or light to dark. An array of new colors are now ­available to give floors designer looks that are popular in ­decorating magazines. All color is sealed with a lifetime warranty that makes cleaning as simple as wiping with a damp mop or sponge. Floors literally get a ­second life for surprisingly little money. Even better, most jobs are completed in a day.

“We make grout care easy,” says Kent. Just one call, any time, will get him to a home for a free estimate. About 15 minutes is all it takes. There is no expiration on price estimates. Whenever the customer is ready, so are Kent and his crew. Call now at (918) 748-3030.


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