Explore! Summer Arts Camp Will Be Held July 9-20

Sign your children up today for summer arts fun.

By: Christy Means-Smith | Category: In Our Communities | Issue: July 2007

Students complete their camp experience with their final production.

By enhancing the ability to think and create, the arts can be a fun way for people to further develop themselves intellectually. Learning about different art forms and their histories in different cultures promotes better understanding of different societies and ways of life. Since young minds quickly absorb new ideas, incorporating the arts into early education is more important than people may realize.

Sapulpa Arts, celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, is dedicated to providing a variety of programs for people of all ages to experience diverse areas of art. One such program is the Explore! Summer Arts Camp. Designed for children in second through sixth grades, the program includes four classes each day. It navigates students through various disciplines of the arts: visual arts, music, drama and dance. Each class is 40 minutes long; students receive snacks at the midway point.

A different culture or theme is celebrated by the camp each year. This year the emphasis is on Native American forms of art. “This is a wonderful outlet for children to explore their creativity, and it is a definite asset to the community,” says Marti Law, camp director. “We will have four teachers instructing the different art disciplines. Several high school students will assist the teachers and help the children in general.”

The goal of Sapulpa Arts is to provide the public with arts and humanities. The organization was founded in 1987 on the premise that everyone should have the opportunity to explore and participate in the arts. The Explore! Summer Arts Camp is funded by a grant from the Oklahoma Arts Council. A limited number of scholarships are offered to qualifying students.

Pictured is a past group of Sapulpa Arts Explore participants.

This year’s program will end with a camp-wide performance involving a variety of art forms. The final performance is a great way for parents to see what their children have been learning and creating throughout the session. The performance takes place on the last Thursday of the camp. Students also enjoy a celebration of food and entertainment on the last day of camp.

The Explore! Summer Arts Camp will take place at Jefferson Heights Elementary School, located at 1521 S. Wickham. This year’s camp will be held Monday through Friday from July 9 through 20, beginning at 8:30 a.m. and ending at noon. Hurry and register your children by June 29 for two weeks of art fun. Registration can be completed at the Sapulpa Arts office within the Sapulpa Chamber of Commerce, located at 101 E. Dewey. Call (918) 224-0170 for more information or for camp brochures. Visit www.sapulpaarts.com for additional information.

For more information, contact

Sapulpa Arts

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(918) 224-0170


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