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Fairway Lawns celebrates its 30th anniversary this year.

By: Joshua Danker-Dake | Category: Home Improvement | Issue: March 2009

The Fairway Lawns team offers a huge variety of lawn care services. (L to R): Richard Baldwin, Kathy Wilder, John Robinson, Mike Lane and Bob Barwick.

Fairway Lawns celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. This kind of experience has helped Fairway Lawns continue to grow and provide an extensive selection of lawn care services.

“We had a great year last year,” says branch manager Bob Barwick. “We’ve done well in the Greater Tulsa area, and we want to thank our customers. We really appreciate it. They’ve enabled us to grow, and we’ve been able to add John Robinson this year. He has 14 years of experience in the lawn care industry, all in the Tulsa area.”

Fairway Lawns offers high-quality lawn care services in six states. Fairway Lawns is family-owned, and its Tulsa staff has a combined 86 years of experience in the lawn care industry.   

If you’ve been wanting a greener, thicker, healthier lawn, Fairway Lawns can help. They promise the best residential lawn care available. Their services include fertilization, disease control, insect control, weed control, pre-emergents, and service calls. They offer a free consultation, and will analyze your lawn’s specific needs and recommend an appropriate program.

They promise to be open and upfront with you – if your lawn will require additional applications in the first year of treatment, they tell you immediately.

Fairway Lawns will also get rid of your weeds, thicken your grass and make it greener. They offer preventative grub control, liquid aeration, aeration/overseeding in the fall, and tree and shrub spraying and fertilization. Should a problem with your lawn arise, Fairway will respond within 48 hours. And your satisfaction is guaranteed.

It’s easy to work with Fairway Lawns – all you have to do is water and mow your lawn, and they’ll do everything else. You don’t even have to be at home – your personal greenskeeper will take care of things and leave your invoice at the door.

A great deal of Fairway Lawns’s business comes from referrals, and now they’re looking to reward their customers. When you refer a customer to Fairway Lawns, you receive a free application (up to $50 off) and you will be entered in a drawing for a $3,000 travel voucher.

For 30 years, Fairway Lawns has handled nearly every lawn care issue, and they would be delighted to give you a free lawn care estimate. Fairway Lawns now offers online bill pay. For more information, give Fairway Lawns a call or visit them on the web at www.fairwaylawns.com

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