EXIT Realty Announces Open Call for Real Estate Agents

EXIT Realty brings a new opportunity for real estate agents and brokers in the Tulsa area.

By: Christopher Davis | Category: Real Estate | Issue: August 2013

Rena McBee (Broker Associate and CEO) and Sally Perez (Managing Broker) are forging new paths in Green Country real estate.

Rena McBee (Broker Associate and CEO) and Sally Perez (Managing Broker) are forging new paths in Green Country real estate.

Sally Perez and Rena McBee,
co-owners of EXIT Realty Connexx, are on the forefront of a paradigm shift in the real estate market, and they are ­inviting like-minded agents to join them. For decades, real estate agents have found ­themselves in a career that is vulnerable to office politics and the ebb and flow of housing markets. EXIT Realty – an international real estate company – provides a solution that affords agents and brokers a support system, an opportunity for year-round ­financial stability and a plan for retirement.
    Several key features of EXIT Realty set it apart from ­traditional real estate companies. First, the pay and commission structure is adjusted to encourage stronger relationships amongst colleagues and a more diverse source of income. Second, ­in-depth training programs are offered to suit the needs of every career stage. Finally, EXIT Realty offers a retirement and beneficiary program that ensures agents will not need to do walk-throughs using a walker.
    EXIT Realty adjusts agent pay and commissions in a way that retains the independence and motivation for agents, but also motivates teamwork and ­support throughout the network. This is accomplished by the unique approach to recruitment and “sponsoring” of agents. “The model is similar to the music and insurance industries,” explains Sally Perez, managing broker at EXIT Realty Connexx in Tulsa. Essentially, an agent or broker that recruits a new agent becomes that agent’s “sponsor.” Sponsors are motivated to support other agents because they earn a 10 percent bonus of each sale from each agent they bring into the fold – which does not come out of the agent’s commission. While ­traditional companies often retain a significant percentage of an agent’s commission for each sale, EXIT Realty divides ­portions of the company’s percentage to include the agent’s sponsor. This incentivizes sponsors to ­support their colleagues and ­fosters an ever-growing network of agents who work together, rather than in competition with one another. As agents and brokers work together to bring in additional sales and agents and expand business, more and more win-win partnerships are created. So, while traditionally-structured companies feature agents who end up living from sale to sale, EXIT Realty diversifies revenue streams and empowers agents to focus on quality service, sales and professional relationships. This revenue sharing also affords agents the freedom to take time off, or even retire when the time is right, while still earning income.
    Retirement has always been a blind spot in the real estate industry, forcing many agents and brokers to explore their own approaches and yielding inconsistent and often disappointing results. EXIT Realty takes a ­novel approach to this common challenge. When an agent retires, the bonuses earned as sponsors transition to seven percent, but continue just as before. So, while all the agents they previously sponsored continue to sell, the sponsor continues to draw bonuses, ensuring a much more stable source of revenue. With traditional agencies, when an agent stops selling, so does the income.
    At the core of all of this, EXIT Realty provides fantastic training opportunities. Ms. Perez – who has 20 years’ experience in the industry and has facilitated countless training and continuing education classes – was skeptical, at first, about these training ­sessions. However, when EXIT’s head executive team was present for training sessions, she realized quickly how different the company’s approach was. “In all my years in this business, I cannot think of another company where there is direct involvement and care from such a high level.” Even today, having established the Tulsa office over a year ago, Perez and her partner, Rena McBee (Broker Associate and CEO) know that training and support are just a phone call away. EXIT’s new approach to real estate ensures that good agents become great agents.
    As the real estate industry deals with the growing pains of this new millennium, it makes sense that the “old ways” are called into question. With a comprehensive structure that creates a supportive, collaborative team that is enabled to rely on revenue streams beyond the simple sale, agents and brokers can ditch the sell-or-sink mentality and focus on what matters most – quality, teamwork and financial security. Are you ready to answer the open call for agents and move into a more secure chapter of your life? Contact Sally Perez and Rena McBee to learn how you can become part of the new era of real estate with EXIT Realty. 

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