Every Hidden Thing

What would you do if you knew the next 15 minutes didn’t count?

By: Sheryl Sowell | Category: Other | Issue: October 2008

Leading man Rob Boyd (left) and director Fritz Green discuss a scene during the filming of “Every Hidden Thing.”

What would you do if you knew the next 15 minutes didn’t count?

That is the question asked in the new feature-length movie “Every Hidden Thing,” from Bartlesville filmmaker Fritz Green.

The world premiere of “Every Hidden Thing” will take place at the 2008 Bare Bones Script-2-Screen Independent Film Festival on Saturday, October 4 at 8 p.m. in the Tulsa Community College Alfred M. Phillips Center Auditorium on the TCC Metro campus at Ninth and Cincinnati in downtown Tulsa.

The movie was filmed at locations throughout Bartlesville, and at one location in central Tulsa, during a six-month period in 2005 and 2006 and was completed in September of this year.

A scene featuring actors Rob Boyd and Jacob Louis from the movie “Every Hidden Thing.”

“I was very excited to get the email announcing the official selection to the Script-2-Screen festival,” Green said. “I can’t wait to be there when the movie plays to its first audience.” The festival is open to the public.

“Every Hidden Thing” is a drama in which Jeremy Saunders, accompanied by a pair of bizarre strangers, embarks on a dangerous journey of sordid self-exploration – seemingly with no consequences. Jeremy believes he can get away with anything during occasional 15-minute periods of time that he believes are not real; but his marriage, work, friendships, and sanity all spiral out of control as he is drawn deeper into the depraved trap of his own misdeeds. Ultimately, Jeremy finds himself questioning everything– including who he has become – before he is forced to face the Truth with one final, life-or-death decision.

The movie features Tulsa actors Rob Boyd and Victoria Esher in the leading roles. Boyd has appeared in several films produced in Oklahoma, including the title role of legendary Tulsa boxer Ed Jones in “The Prize Fighter,” which also starred Gary Busey, Karen Keith, Beth Rengel, and Brian Shoop. Esher is an award-winning actress who has appeared in “Soulmates,” “Diner,” and “Miss Understanding.”

A preview of “Every Hidden Thing” can be viewed on the official movie web site, www.everyhiddenthing.com, which also includes information about the cast, news updates, photos from the production, premiere screening and ticket information, and a DVD order form.

Green wrote, produced, directed and edited the film, after being inspired to take a story idea he had as a young man and apply a new twist to it based upon his newfound Christian faith, though he said the movie is intended to appeal to all audiences. “I really wanted to make a film that is entertaining for anybody to watch even though there is a clear message about God,” Green said, “and I really think we’ve done that.”

For Boyd, performing in the lead role of Jeremy Saunders was a life-changing experience. “I didn’t realize that I had become so separated from God until we were filming a critical scene,” Boyd admitted. “Honestly, it made me sit down with God again and made me reevaluate what is important in life and what my values really are. It was great to be part of a wonderfully-done film with a good message about recognizing consequences for choices made.”

The soundtrack features songs by Bartlesville songstress Ann-Janette, Tulsa musician Arlis Moon, the Wagoner band Consumed By Fire, and a band from Bella Vista, AR called Weeping Prophetic.

Green said that future plans for the film include submission to additional film festivals and self-distribution of DVDs while looking to attract national and international distribution deals.

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