Empowering Veterans

Cristi West's Commitment to Homeownership

By: Aarika Copeland | Category: Financial Services | Issue: December 2023

Veterans deserve appreciation and admiration for their dedicated service, and Cristi West strives to empower veterans further by offering a helpful hand with their well-deserved homeownership benefits.

Cristi West is Claremore’s local Nexa Mortgage broker with 25 years of experience and a driving passion to assist veterans with home buying. “Veterans have given so much and it is so rewarding to give back to them,” West said.

West works alongside 200 wholesale lenders through Nexa Mortgage, a licensed brokerage in 48 states. She is a licensed mortgage broker in Oklahoma, California, Washington, and Arkansas. “Even if I have a client from out of state, we can still help them from within the company,” West said.

Why Choose Cristi West?

Choosing Nexus Mortgage and Cristi West as your mortgage broker offers distinct advantages. She streamlines the application process, ensuring you meet all requirements, saving you valuable time, and reducing stress. West provides personalized guidance tailored to your financial situation, helping you make informed decisions. In the complex world of mortgages, enlisting a mortgage broker can be the key to securing the best deal and realizing your homeownership dreams. “We don’t have a large overhead, so we can pass on those savings to the home buyers.”

Veterans have options in purchasing a home, but some of these exclusive benefits prove difficult to navigate or lack clarification. “Some veterans don’t know they can purchase land and build, or finance with an after-repair value on a home,” West said. “Sometimes it’s only a matter of changing a few things,” she said on achieving a VA home loan for a previously denied veteran.

Married to a service member herself, West has personal experience navigating VA Mortgage benefits and wants to help the veterans in her community achieve their dream home. These benefits are not restricted to veterans alone. Active-duty military service members, disabled veterans, and widowers who have lost a military spouse are entitled to these mortgage benefits. “I’m emotionally involved. I really feel passionate about helping people with homeownership, because most of the time it’s somebody’s largest investment,” West said.

Exclusive VA Mortgage benefits:
  • No down payment required
  • Split entitlement accepted
  • Low-interest rates
  • Fast closing, usually in 20 days or less
  • No private mortgage insurance (PMI)

Worried about your credit score? Cristi can offer expert guidance with unruly credit scores and other eligibility concerns. For disabled veterans, the added benefit of waived processing fees and the potential for a waived funding fee can significantly ease the financial burden of homeownership, making it a more attainable and supportive path to their housing aspirations. “No one fits in the same box. I’d love for veterans to reach out to me to see if I can help them” she said.

If you are ready to explore your VA Mortgage benefits, or simply seeking expert advice, contact Cristi West, your local Nexa Mortgage broker.

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