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Educational and Spiritual Growth

American Christian Academy offers students the option of private schooling or home schooling based on the Accelerated Christian Education curriculum.

By: Duane Blankenship | Category: Education | Issue: October 2012

Rose Mary Lopes, director of American Christian Academy.

Rose Mary Lopes, director of American Christian Academy.

Rose Mary Lopes directs the ­educational programs offered at American Christian Academy (ACA) in Sapulpa. “Students attending ACA receive more than an education,” says Rose Mary. “We provide them insight and experiences that are unique to our program. ACA is an environment that develops spiritual growth through a ­culture where faculty, staff and students have a genuine concern for each other.” The school wants students to succeed spiritually, academically and socially. “Many of our students elect studies that prepare them for continuing their education at vo-tech schools or Tulsa Community College, and for life.”

    The curriculum adopted by American Christian Academy is that developed by Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E.) School for Tomorrow, where the motto is “Reaching the World for Christ…One Child at a Time.”  

    For more than three decades, the A.C.E. curriculum has recognized the need to unlock the doors to success for their students. “A.C.E. has done extensive research on how ­children learn,” says Mrs. Lopes. “A.C.E. research and other ­educational surveys indicate to us that children: 1) Have varying IQs and learn at different rates; 2) Must learn specific ­developmental skills; 3) Process information differently at ­individual developmental levels; 4) Learn best through mastery with repetition and review; and 5) Vary in their ability to learn through visual and auditory.” The school offers courses in core curriculum including math, English, science and history, plus many electives that include music and art. All studies begin with a Bible verse that each student must memorize. These Bible verses are included on periodic progress tests.

    Since children have varying IQs and learn at different rates, ACA believes it is critical to ­conduct periodic testing that will determine each student’s ­knowledge and current performance level. They provide a diagnosis and a prescription for each child’s individual educational path. “Diagnostic placement ­testing ensures that each student begins studies at the precise point of his or her academic needs,” says Mrs. Lopes, “and it determines if there are any ­learning gaps that need to be addressed and mended.” Students are then able to simply fill in the gaps, without the ­stigma of failing a grade or falling behind. ACA stresses each ­student’s character training as part of the overall learning ­experience, to prepare them to welcome and accept future ­challenges and opportunities that will surely come their way.

    Although American Christian Academy is a full-time schooling program where ­students attend classes ­throughout the calendar year, they also offer home-schooling assistance. Home-schooled students do assigned work at home under the supervision of their parents and then come to ACA every two and a half weeks for testing. Most home-schooled ­students are able to finish each grade level in nine months. Whether full-time or home-schooled, students are required to score a passing grade of 80 ­percent or higher. All schoolwork is done in pencil so the answers can later be erased and the workbooks recycled to less-developed English-speaking countries for use in educating their children.

    ACA students who finish the curriculum receive a diploma. Those who do not finish the requirements for a diploma receive a certificate indicating the completion level through which they passed testing.

    “Our focus is completely on the children,” says Mrs. Lopes. An open invitation is extended to you to call and schedule a time to come by to meet Mrs. Lopes and visit American Christian Academy. Full-time and ­home-schooled students come from Sapulpa and other communities throughout the Tulsa metro area.

For more information, contact

American Christian Academy

30 E. Davis
Sapulpa, OK 74066
(918) 224-6335

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