Eco-Friendly Cabinet Refinishing Gleam Guard Restores and Refinishes Cabinets and Woodwork

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Phillip and Jonathan enjoy making cabinetry look-like new again.

Phillip and Jonathan enjoy making cabinetry look-like new again.

Fall is on its way and with the cooler weather coming in; you can finally get to your home renovation list before the holidays, starting with your cabinets. While cabinets’ purpose is functional, they remain a focal point of the home. Whether your cabinets are in extremely rough shape, have only a few smudges or are covered in thick grease from years of cooking, Gleam Guard Wood Refinishing is the eco-friendly quick, clean and odor-free choice. They are an A+ Rated BBB Accredited company and offer reasonably priced and highly effective solutions for restoring and refinishing your cabinetry and woodwork.

“We can refinish cabinets that are in really bad shape. We can also clean your cabinets and give them a new, permanent finish,” says owner Tracy Booth. “The Gleam Guard finishes are available in either shiny or satin. When we apply our Gleam Guard system, it bonds to the original finish and makes the surface smooth and dry. The process remarkably enhances wood grain and keeps it looking oiled and polished. Old imperfections cannot be seen. This is an ultra low odor process; it is completely safe for even those with serious breathing problems to be in the house.”

The entire mess-free Gleam Guard process takes only one to two days to complete, so your kitchen can be transformed in time for the holidays.  Whole house projects, which include kitchen and bath cabinets, baseboards, doors, moldings, paneling and just about any other vertical wood surface, can be done in three to five days.  

Tracy’s son, Phillip Booth, manages their Tulsa Metro office along with Jonathan. Phillip and his professional craftsmen are continuing the legacy that Tracy started over 30 years ago. They have perfected their skill, timing and attention to detail. 

Jonathan adds the finishing touches for shine and
lasting protection.

Jonathan adds the finishing touches for shine and lasting protection.

Their process begins by preparing the surfaces with a thorough cleaning to remove dirt and debris and making any reparation of damaged areas.  Damaged areas are treated with custom-matched stain blends.  Lastly, the cabinets are protected with a coating that will keep cabinetry and woodwork looking fresh for decades.  A special over-glazing is used when you want to change the color of the wood.  Dust-free and non-toxic, the process works on traditional wood surfaces, along with those which are painted, glazed and pickled. 

A real big plus is that you don’t have to empty cabinets or remove hardware prior to the process.  Each job comes with a free 5-year touch up warranty. 

“We have customers we served over 20 years ago who say their cabinets still look great even today. It is because of our hometown people in the greater Tulsa area that we were able to expand and help families across the country beautify their homes, including Kansas City, Branson, Northwest Washington and Canada,” he says.

The Gleam Guard crew will be in and out, without interruptions or breakaways. Their work area, when finished, will look like no one was there. Aftercare is as simple as wiping with a damp cloth.

Tracy says when people see the difference Gleam Guard has made in friends’ or relatives’ homes, they are sold. Even those considering new cabinets or refacing old cabinets frequently decide on Gleam Guard Wood Refinishing instead. It’s the sensible solution that makes a big difference.  Gleam Guard often costs clients 70 percent less when compared to other options.

“I love to show people how they can save money and still have beautiful wood finishes that look like new,” says Tracy.

To complete the makeover, the team can also deep clean rock and stone interior surfaces, such as fireplaces, as well as ceilings – even popcorn ceilings.

A Gleam Guard technician would be happy to do an in-home demonstration on an existing cabinet door to give owners a glimpse of what Gleam Guard will look like in their homes.

Gleam Guard Founder, Tracy Booth.

Gleam Guard Founder, Tracy Booth.

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