Earning Customer Trust

Fowler Toyota of Tulsa Service Department is willing to listen.

By: Duane Blankenship | Category: Other | Issue: July 2013

Ready to serve you: Fowler Toyota of Tulsa service ­department members Shawn ­Replogle, master diagnostic technician; and Shane Wohl, service director.

Ready to serve you: Fowler Toyota of Tulsa service ­department members Shawn ­Replogle, master diagnostic technician; and Shane Wohl, service director.

Shane Wohl, Service Director for Fowler Toyota of Tulsa, has spent most of his 13 years in automotive service with a local Toyota dealership and with a dealership in Texas. “I’m really glad to be back in Tulsa with the Fowler Toyota of Tulsa operation,” he said.  “This is a new group with lots of Toyota background and experience.”

    Shane got his start in the automobile business when a cousin was working in sales at a local dealership.  Looking for a job, Shane asked if he thought they might put him to work in their sales department.  At the end of the year he was one of the store’s highest producers and won a nice vacation trip.

    One day he noticed a lady in tears coming from the service department.  Asking if he could help, she said she had lost a hubcap after having her tires rotated by the dealership and she had just been told they would not replace it.  Making a quick ­decision, Shane took her to the parts department and gave her a hubcap.  The problem was ­quickly and easily resolved.

    The next day, Shane was confronted by the service director who told him he had heard what had transpired.  Instead of reprimanding him as expected, the service director asked Shane if he would come to work for him in the dealership’s service department.  Shane knew he had solved a bad issue for the lady.  He had earned her trust, made her happy, and retained her as a customer for the dealership.  He enjoyed what he had done and continues to this day to exhibit that same good judgment with each customer opportunity he encounters.

    “I learned a long time ago that an upset customer is not really unhappy with me, but just with the situation.  I am just the one currently available to listen to the customer’s concerns,” said Shane.  “I sincerely believe a ­customer when they come to me with a problem.  I don’t think they will go that far out of their way unless they are truly ­unhappy or believe there is an issue that needs resolving.”  Shane enjoys taking care of Fowler Toyota of Tulsa’s valuable customers and likes keeping them happy.  

    Shane sees customer service as a give-and-take opportunity.  He has a great personality and comes across as very genuine and sincere.  “I’ve found that you need to treat people the same way you want and expect to be treated.  And you’ve got to earn the respect of your customers,” he said.  “If I respect you, you’re probably going to respect and trust me.”

    In addition to passing the rigorous Toyota Certification Program, most of Fowler’s technicians are also certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE).   They use state-of-the-art equipment and tools designed especially for your Toyota as well as genuine Toyota Parts that are designed to keep your vehicle working at Toyota's high-quality levels.  Shawn Replogle is Fowler Toyota of Tulsa’s service ­department shop foreman and is a Toyota master diagnostic ­technician…the highest level attainable.

    “All our employees want to work here,” says Shane.  We have an obligation to our customers and inspect their vehicles each time they drive in for recommended maintenance or with a problem.”  Shane sees the Fowler Toyota of Tulsa’s service team as wanting customers to feel a high comfort level and peace of mind with their service department. “We treat your car as if it were our own.  We’re never going to try to sell you a product or service that we don’t believe will keep your vehicle running safer, better and longer,” he added.  Shane Wohl and the Fowler Toyota of Tulsa’s service team want to win your trust.

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