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Aya Johnson introduces stylish Park Lane Jewelry.

By: Lorrie Ward | Category: Retail | Issue: July 2013

Aya Johnson invites you to get your friends together for a fun party with Park Lane Jewelry.

Aya Johnson invites you to get your friends together for a fun party with Park Lane Jewelry.

When Aya Johnson went to a fundraising car wash while she was still living in California over a year ago, she never expected to find a new business direction. But as she approached a friend who was helping at the car wash, she saw her friend had a table set up with a display of lovely jewelry from Park Lane. “Since I like jewelry, I always see something I want,” Aya notes with a smile. “But I liked this so well that two weeks later, I hosted a show—and then another and another.”

    Aya’s own collection of Park Lane increased along the way, along with her confidence in the product. After her third show, she moved to Oklahoma, and soon she attended her first Park Lane convention in Chicago in July of 2012. “While I was there, I noticed Oklahoma was not mentioned when they called out state names during the conference,” Aya recalls. “I thought it would be beneficial to Oklahoma if I could establish this great product here.”

    Park Lane is a family owned and operated business which has proved its staying power from the time it was established in 1955 by Shirley and Arthur Levin. Today, the Levin’s three sons, Scott, Mark, and Arthur III, still operate a company which they describe as being: “dedicated to providing exquisite jewelry and incomparable programs designed to reward our customers, our hostesses, and our representatives … Park Lane offers something special to everyone; we invite you to explore the possibilities!”

    For Aya, there are many reasons to share the good news about Park Lane jewelry. “This jewelry is of extremely good quality,” she says. “There is always something special, there is always something good—for both women and men,” she adds, pointing out that J.R. Martinez of Dancing with the Stars wore pieces of jewelry from Park Lane. Park Lane also collaborated with E Entertainment to create catalogue items that look as good as those worn on the red carpet—but are not as expensive. Aya also loves how Park Lane stands behind its products. “I love this because they have an unconditional guarantee,” says Aya. “You can send any part of the jewelry back and they will send you a new one, within 120 days. Then after 120 days, you can still get a replacement order for only $7.”

    Park Lane also offers a wide variety of looks to accompany differing styles and tastes. Whether you like the vintage look of pearls mother of pearl or your taste runs toward trendy beads and charms, Aya feels you are sure to find something to suit you from amongst Park Lane’s wide selection. She points out that Park Lane introduces a new piece of jewelry every month and it is easy to keep up with the latest introduction: “The easiest way to see everything is to go online.” But even with the ease of internet shopping, Aya encourages interested parties to become involved in the direct sales end of Park Lane, as it offers many great deals for a hostess or sales representative to increase their own collection.

    And she goes back to the beginning of her own experience to expound yet another thing that sets Park Lane apart: its percentage of return for non profits. “Any school or church group that sells Park Lane gets a fifty per cent return,” says Aya, who points out that this return is great for a fundraiser.

    Aya is happy to introduce Park Lane jewelry to her new Rogers County neighbors and would love to talk to anyone who is interested in learning more about the product or hosting a party or fundraiser.

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