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Dynamic New Leadership in Bixby

Navrkal becomes the new hardworking and enthusiastic president of the Bixby Chamber of Commerce.

By: Joshua Danker-Dake | Category: Other | Issue: August 2007

Lisa Navrkal is the new president of the Bixby Chamber of Commerce.

“Bixby has a hometown feel with all the amenities of a metropolitan city,” says Lisa Navrkal, the new, hardworking and enthusiastic president of the Bixby Chamber of Commerce. “Our community’s citizens, education and businesses make up a few ideal reasons to choose Bixby as a location to raise a family or start a business. I’m excited about the opportunity ahead to make a difference in Bixby.”

Navrkal has been with the Bixby Chamber of Commerce for over six years. “They said, ‘Come help us out for two weeks,’ and I’ve been here ever since,” she says. Two years ago, Navrkal was named vice president. This year, when Deb Marshall, her predecessor, left to take a position with the Broken Arrow Chamber of Commerce, the Bixby Chamber asked Navrkal to take over as president.

Navrkal has the experience and the passion for the job. She graduated in 2006 from the Chamber Management Institute. In 2007, she graduated from the University of Oklahoma’s Center for Chamber of Commerce Excellence Advanced Studies Program. “I know all the ins and outs of the chamber,” she says. “I have worked with businesses in the community. I have rapport with city leaders. I know the community. I’m actively involved with several volunteer organizations.”

Navrkal is active in many organizations that work toward enhancing the community. She is on the board of directors for the Bixby Education Endowment Foundation, which provides grants for schools and scholarships for Bixby students. This year alone, the foundation has awarded over $46,000 in grants and over $50,000 in scholarships. Navrkal is also a Rotary member.

The Bixby Chamber of Commerce is a nonprofit organization and relies heavily on fundraising events. As vice president, Navrkal spearheaded all the chamber’s major fundraising events and programs. She has been responsible for the annual gala, where business and community leaders come together to be recognized for their achievements and volunteering. She also played a major role in organizing the car raffle and the 2007 Taste of Bixby. Navrkal has been an active force behind organizing the Oklahoma Scholars Program and the Room Re-Mix Program, both of which are programs that encourage and reward Bixby students for outstanding academic performance.

The Bixby Chamber of Commerce opened its new location in downtown Bixby last month. “This new location will help create a presence in the community and spark revitalization to the downtown area,” says Navrkal.

There are plenty of future projects and events in development, as well. The chamber is partnering with the city of Bixby for the Buy Bixby campaign, which is designed to support Bixby retailers by attracting and keeping consumers. Buy Bixby features a holiday raffle with $10,000 in prize money. Navrkal is also emphasizing a push toward greater chamber member retention and expansion.

“I’m excited about being chosen as president,” says Navrkal. “This is a great opportunity to make a difference in Bixby. I can, and I will.”

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