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By: Christy Stephens | Category: Professional Services | Issue: July 2022

Alvin Sanders and his wife, Sheila

Alvin Sanders and his wife, Sheila

A business owner typically deals with many details - day-to-day decisions, hiring the right people, and ensuring that services and customer interaction are of premium quality. One of the most important points in any business is a good first impression, and the state of one’s interior is always a factor.

The quality of cleanliness in any business is one of the very first impressions that customers and clients notice when entering a business facility for the first time. It also has a direct impact on employees! It is an aspect of business that sometimes gets overlooked; however, a standing service appointment with a reputable cleaning company can ensure the success of a consistent sanitary and fresh workplace. The Right Touch Cleaning company can take on this important aspect for any business.

“Our services include carpet cleaning, strip and wax, window cleaning and COVID-19 disinfecting,” states owner Alvin Sanders. “We use high-quality floor waxes, strippers, floor pads and cleaning products. We also employ CDC-approved disinfectants and modern cleaning equipment.”

Utilizing a professional cleaning company solves many potential issues. A place of business should always maintain a professional appearance to visitors; some businesses will task their employees with some clean-up duties, but this can take away from job productivity and typically does not meet the quality of sanitizing and tidying that a professional cleaner provides.

Alvin Sanders' daughters.

Alvin Sanders' daughters.

“Cleaning is something that I have always done as a second job and really enjoyed it,” answers Sanders, upon being asked about his motivation in starting his own cleaning business. He takes pride in supplying exemplary service and products.

“Whatever requests or problems arise, as the owner of the business, I personally make sure it’s done per your satisfaction,” Sanders adds. “You can eat off the floors once I have finished waxing them!”

Honest, dependable workers are the backbone of any service company, and Sanders ensures that he is surrounded by the best. Employees are all bonded and insured and are committed to living up to both the clients’ and Sanders’ expectations. In fact, Sanders was able to expand his business because a customer so admired his quality of work.

The cleaning procedures are all safe, performed with high-quality products and equipment; maintenance programs are tailored to each client’s needs, and responses to emergency requests are swift.

Professional cleaning services are essential to a well-appointed, professionally run business. Don’t delay, set up your cleaning maintenance schedule with The Right Touch Cleaning Service today!

For more information, contact Alvin Sanders at The Right Touch Cleaning Service at (918)938-8799.

Treat your workers and your business to a spotless interior with comprehensive office cleaning.

Treat your workers and your business to a spotless interior with comprehensive office cleaning.

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