Don’t Suffer from Garage Door Grief

Proper “springing” is critical to the function and lifespan of your garage door opener.

By: Duane Blankenship | Category: Other | Issue: January 2013

Chuck Billy of Assurance Overhead Doors shows a garage door torsion spring that broke prematurely because it was the wrong spring for the door it was lifting.

Chuck Billy of Assurance Overhead Doors shows a garage door torsion spring that broke prematurely because it was the wrong spring for the door it was lifting.

What’s more frustrating than preparing to leave the house for work or an appointment only to find that your garage door ­cannot be opened because the torsion spring has broken in half? You’ve probably ­experienced this “garage door grief” at one time or another.

    Chuck Billy of Assurance Overhead Doors is called upon to service a lot of garage doors with broken torsion springs that were the wrong size and ­specification for the job they were intended to do. “Torsion springs are critical to the ­operation of any garage door opener,” says Chuck. “We replace lots of broken torsion springs and motors that have worn out because they were doing more work than they were ever rated to do.”

    Chuck suggests going to your garage and visually checking the door’s spring or springs. “Any garage door that is wider than 12 feet should utilize two springs,” he explains. Double doors are extremely heavy, and a single spring is not adequate to open and close the door. If you have a double door with a single spring that breaks, you probably won’t be able to open the door. If your double door has two ­torsion springs and one breaks, you should still be able to open the door.  

    If you ever decide to replace a torsion spring yourself, be extremely careful and be sure you know what you’re doing before attempting the ­replacement. This is one job that is best left to professionals like Chuck Billy and his crew at Assurance Overhead Doors.  

    If an incorrect torsion spring is installed, not only may the door not open as smoothly as it should, but the door opener usually wears out prematurely due to an overburdening ­workload. Assurance Overhead Doors will service any brand or model of garage door opener. “We carry the largest selection of torsion springs on our trucks than anyone in the area,” says Chuck, “and we won’t make a replacement until we have the torsion spring recommended for your system.”

    “Our doors are made in Ponca City, Oklahoma, by ­Mid-America Door®. Each ­two-car door comes standard with a dual torsion-spring system,” says Chuck. Mid-America Door was founded in 1991 and manufactures steel sectional overhead doors. The founders had a combination of vision, a thoughtful planning process, and many collective years of overhead door experience. Mid-America Door has seen continuous growth and has expanded its product line and production capacity to meet demand. Like Assurance, they have a strong commitment to quality and ­customer service, the lifeblood ensuring continued growth into the future.

      Assurance Overhead Doors is an authorized dealer for LiftMaster®, garage door ­openers made by the Chamberlain Group, Inc. Both the Model 8550 and Model 8360 come highly recommended by Chuck and his crew. The units have DC battery backup, belt drive systems, and are extremely quiet and virtually maintenance-free. They are ­revolutionary state-of-the-art designs that have all the quality, features and benefits you can imagine in a garage door opener. They even have a ­“timer-to-close” feature that ­automatically closes your garage door in case you ­forget to do it. And you ­determine the number of ­minutes it takes for the door to close by presetting it from 1 to 99 minutes.  

    You can count on Assurance Overhead Doors for dependable products, quality service, and highly trained and skilled ­technicians. At the first sign of pending trouble with a garage door, give Chuck a call. You can also check them out online at

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