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Character Island at Newspring Family Church offers great rewards.

By: Eddie Stephens | Category: In Our Communities | Issue: May 2007

Greg Ables, senior pastor at Newspring Family Church in Jenks.

Beginning May 6 and continuing every Sunday through May 27, Newspring Family Church in Jenks will explore Character Island. Each Sunday of the exploration, new messages will be addressed, including what kind of character traits are good and which should be desired by individuals.

In addition to each Sunday’s message, Newspring will focus on character throughout its weekly programs. Churchgoers will be encouraged to build and deepen their character with participation in children’s and student ministries, Wednesday night Bible studies and various adult ministries.

Robert Mays, Newspring’s music pastor, supports what began as a simple message series. “It’s important to ask ourselves what kind of person we want to be,” says Mays. “Character traits like honor, responsibility, respect, self-control, courage and humility, to name a few, are rewarding.”

Participation in the Character Island series will result in a hefty reward for some partakers. Mays says, “At the service conclusion each Sunday morning, a clue will be given to the location of $1,000 buried somewhere in Jenks.” One clue leading to the buried treasure’s location will be given each week for four weeks. Also, to involve children in the Character Island event, weekly clues will divulge the position of $100 buried somewhere on the church campus.

“It’s a creative, interesting way to handle a sermon series,” Mays says. “We are also seeing this as an opportunity to launch our spring and summer ministry season from a good foundation: one built on character.”

Along with the church staff, Mays is looking forward to the casual attire that can be worn during the series. “Among the ‘cool’ parts of the event is getting to wear Hawaiian shirts and sandals to church,” he says.

Mays and his staff agree that there is nothing casual about building and sharpening character one trait at time. With its contemporary approach to ministry, Newspring is committed to engaging all who attend the Character Island event in a creative and practical manner.

Over 600 people gather weekly at Newspring Family Church’s 42-acre campus. Beginning with the merger of two congregations in September 1997, the church has expanded to its large location at the intersection of Highway 75 and the Creek Turnpike.

Newspring’s location, weekly services, midweek programs and staff, led by Senior Pastor Greg Ables, positively influence residents of Jenks and the Tulsa metro. For more information, history and weekly schedules, visit the Newspring website at

Begin a connection with Newspring Family Church as you discover what it means to have
character. Get clues that could lead to $1,000 every Sunday at 10:30 a.m. from May 6 through 27. Character Island at Newspring is where great discoveries await. More information about the event is available at

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