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Domino’s Pizza features a sweet, new promotion.

By: Eddie Stephens | Category: Other | Issue: October 2006

Dale and Rosie Wills, owners, are ready to deliver.

Who can resist the allure of fresh baked brownies? Better yet, imagine they’re delivered to your door with hot pizza!

Domino’s Pizza is featuring this winning combo – “free warm brownies with the purchase of a large pizza at regular menu price”. And, topping off this tasty deal, the brownies are accompanied by chocolate dipping sauce!

Here’s hoping this pizza/dessert combo does well. According to Sapulpa franchise Owner/Operator, Dale Wills, “If this new promotion does well, we see it continuing.”

Wills, with his wife Rosie, oversees franchise operations in Sapulpa, West Tulsa, Sand Springs, Owasso and Claremore. Sapulpa is their base location where they have been involved with the thriving pizza company since 1986.

Domino’s Pizza was launched in 1960 and is the recognized world leader in pizza delivery. Their reputation is maintained by a network of company and franchise owned stores throughout the United States and various international markets.

Dale Wills is among franchise owners who followed the company’s reputed path to his present status. “I started in delivery, enjoying my work while earning my credentials through the company’s system,” he shares.

Domino’s offers a unique journey to franchise ownership. From ground-floor opportunities, one can work his or her way into an own store location.

Re-opening the Sapulpa location, Wills assures, “We provide the community with the service expected from a Domino’s.  That includes a good product at a good price.”

When you combine enjoyable work with, arguably, everyone’s favorite fun food, it just seems destined to succeed.  Speaking of the pizza, Wills admits, “I can’t imagine ever getting tired of it even though I eat it every day.”  

“Free-Warm-Brownies” joins a heritage of memorable Domino’s promotions. From their “Buffalo Wings”, to “CinnaStix” and “Cheesy Dots” this delivery company continues to lead the way from oven to door step.

With the purchase of a large pizza at regular price the latest promotion includes 10 brownie squares with dipping sauce, delivered hot to your door. Talking about the brownies, Wills says, “They’re rich tasting and very good!”

With football season underway, imagine a pre-game dinner combo consisting of pizza and brownies! Whether it’s a local high school, college or pro game, Wills affirms those are big scoring delivery days.

Domino’s enjoys an ongoing relationship with America’s love for sports. The company joined the ever increasing NASCAR sponsorship team in 2003.

Wills noted their upcoming partnership with another of that racing circuit’s drivers. Details are forthcoming so keep an eye on the track for the Domino’s logo.

Driving the pizza delivery business to a recognizable brand is what Domino’s Pizza does well. The company celebrates a 40-year journey bringing product and innovation to hungry customers.

Dale and Rosie Wills are certainly enjoying the ride. Their teams are ready to deliver 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., Sunday through Thursday; and 11 a.m. to midnight, Friday and Saturday.

They encourage you to try the current “free warm brownie” promotion as you call in your next large pizza order. Think about it – hot pizza delivered right to your door with dessert included. Domino’s Pizza delivers!

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