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Dental Hygiene and Your Health

Steven Deem, DDS, opened the doors to Dentistry For You in Broken Arrow this past October.

By: Duane Blankenship | Category: Health & Beauty | Issue: March 2010

Dr. Steven Deem and staff of Dentistry For You, located at Tiger Plaza in Broken Arrow. (L to R): Fran Hutton, Ellen Smith, Dr. Deem, Karen Murray, Candace Shoopman and Candice Binkley.

Dr. Steven Deem and staff of Dentistry For You, located at Tiger Plaza in Broken Arrow. (L to R): Fran Hutton, Ellen Smith, Dr. Deem, Karen Murray, Candace Shoopman and Candice Binkley.

Steven Deem, DDS, began his dental practice in 1980 in Claremore. He has also practiced in Tulsa, and opened the doors to Dentistry For You in Broken Arrow this past October.  

Specializing in beautifying smiles and appearances, Dr. Deem and his staff are committed to helping maintain your dental health. “Dental hygiene is so important,” he says, “because the condition and care of your teeth and gums can affect the health of your whole body.” Red, inflamed or bleeding gums indicate the likelihood of bacteria from around the teeth being introduced into the bloodstream and traveling throughout your system. The lack of proper oral health is a concern to physicians and dentists because of the overall influence it has on the heart and general health.  

Dentistry For You makes the promise that their veneers, fillings, crowns and bridges will look as good as or better than the teeth nature gave you. To ensure that promise, the products they offer are of the highest quality and are incredibly durable. “You can trust your smile with us,” says Dr. Deem.

The crown and bridge product used by Dentistry For You is the newest and strongest porcelain material available in dentistry, and is perfect for everything from full-mouth rehabilitation to restoring a single tooth. It is used to fabricate veneers, full crowns, inlays and onlays. Plus, it provides a natural-looking and healthy restoration. Teeth look more natural because the product is metal-free, and there is no black line at the base.

Dentistry For You offers a wide variety of cosmetic options including whitening, Invisalign clear braces, Lumineers, "no prep" veneers, bonding, implants, dentures, partial dentures, and all porcelain crowns. If you’re unhappy with your smile, Dr. Deem can fix it.  

Dentistry For You is a Premier Provider of Invisalign, straightening teeth through a series of clear, virtually invisible custom-molded aligners. A series of removable aligners moves your teeth into straighter position step by step. The final result? A beautiful smile. The clear aligners may be removed while you eat and brush your teeth, and they are more comfortable than traditional braces.

Another featured cosmetic technique of Dentistry For You is the application of veneers. This involves a dental procedure in which a procelain covering is placed over the outside, or visible area, of the tooth. Veneers are usually applied only to the part of the teeth that are visible when talking or smiling, and are very aesthetically appealing. Veneers have an advantage over crowns because much less tooth material is removed, if any at all. When teeth have large fillings or little tooth structure, crowns are the best choice. Dr. Deem also offers the latest in laser technology for selected treatments.

If you have any of the indicators of TMJ (temporomandibular joints) or suspect that something is wrong with your jaw and the way your teeth come together (dental occlusion), call Dr. Deem. Symptoms of TMJ may include headaches, jaw, facial or ear pain, clicking or popping in the jaw joints, limited mouth opening ability and more. TMJs are the most complicated joints in the human body. They allow us to open our mouths wide and move our jaws from left to right. A jaw joint cannot be replaced, and Dr. Deem recommends immediate protection and preventive measures to correct a potentially serious problem. An occlusion guard may be a simple fix to eliminate further damage, and may even help restore the joint where it works properly.

Dr. Deem sums up himself and his friendly, professional staff by saying, “It’s all about taking care of people.” Call Dentistry For You for an appointment at (918) 355-1391.

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Dentistry For You
Steven E. Deem, DDS

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