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A delicious recipe from Lino’s wife, Carmen Roldan:

Turn on the oven, tune into BrisaTropical.com internet radio, and put on your dancing shoes! This month we are sharing a Pavochon recipe, I prepare it every year, especially during Fall and Thanksgiving, but it can be done any time of the year. I sent my family’s recipe to cookpad.com, in Spain, on September 20, 2007, and it has been a great success!

First, what is Pavochon?

Well, pavo means turkey, chon means pork or lechon, it is seasoned like you would season a roast pig. This is one of our family recipes passed down from our great grandparents back in Puerto Rico.

Brisa Tropical Radio Director Lino Roldan

Brisa Tropical Radio Director Lino Roldan


6 servings


• 1 fresh or frozen turkey about 15 to 20 pounds, depending on the family or invited guests

• 1 to 2 pounds of fresh pork, you can also use boneless pork chops

• Few strips of bacon

• 1 large baking bag

• Ground black pepper

• Bay leaves

• Annatto powder

• Minced garlic

• Red wine

• Rum or brandy

• 2-3 fresh lemons

• Adobo

• Salt to taste


In a dry bowl add all the spices – mix, set aside.

If frozen, allow the turkey to thaw one to two days, remove the packing inside (neck, etc.), then ‘wash” the bird using fresh lemons.

Using a small knife, cut 1” to 2” deep small holes all around the turkey and inside the cavity, this will allow all ingredients to be absorb. Sprinkle with salt outside/inside.

Cut the pork in 1” cubes and place inside the bird’s cavity.

Rub the bird inside and out using your reserved seasoning mixture – pushing seasonings into the cuts made earlier. By now, you will be smelling the delicious aromas of the seasonings.

Sprinkle the annatto powder all over the bird, this will give the bird a nice color.

Place the bird inside the baking bag, once inside the bag, it’s time for the bird to be baptized with the red wine, rum, cognac, your choice! Seal the bag and marinate overnight.


Set the oven on 360 degrees and cook for 4-5 hours ( see the baking time on the bag, depending on the turkey’s size.) Once it is done remove from the oven and place on a serving dish, adding the juices on top of the meat. The meat will be soft and delicious, your family and guests will love it! Be prepared to share the recipe with them.

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