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Christopher W. Fleming, Inc. implements new technology for business owners.

By: Lorrie Jackson | Category: Financial Services | Issue: June 2007

Christopher Fleming stands by the door of his new office in Claremore.

When hearing the terms bookkeeper or accountant, people often think of taxes. However, while taxes are important to any business owner, Chris Fleming of Christopher W. Fleming, Inc. does not just want to keep the books for his clients. He wants to help them become as efficient as possible so they can focus on increasing profits.

In order to fulfill his goals, Fleming is introducing new technology, available to his clients, called Virtual Office. Using Virtual Office, business owners enjoy private, online access to business and management tools that are used daily. The program allows clients to access important documents online, such as monthly financial statements, payroll records and tax returns. Waiting for your accountant to manually gather documents has been made obsolete with Virtual Office. Access is right at your fingertips through a private and secure online portal similar to what is used in online banking. Many people are already familiar with Fleming’s Client Bookkeeping Solution, called CBS, which is an accounting software program accessed with Virtual Office. By setting up CBS, Fleming helps clients streamline daily bookkeeping tasks. Most importantly, it is user-friendly. Clients can access their information from any computer with high-speed internet access. Fleming takes care of the rest. “The benefits of CBS are obvious,” Fleming says. “Clients spend less time on bookkeeping and more time managing their business.” Virtual Office, however, includes much more than bookkeeping tools. It enhances important communication between accountant and business owner in many ways.

Have you ever applied for a bank loan? If so, then you know that the bank often requires financial statements, copies of tax returns, W-2 forms and other documents. Previously, applicants would have had to contact their accountant or dig through endless paperwork to find the requested documents. With Virtual Office, the said documents can be retrieved simply by going online and logging into your account. You could even do this right from the banker’s computer.

Have you ever been unsure of how to classify a transaction with your accounting software? With Virtual Office, Fleming and his staff can log in to your account and simultaneously make changes online as you work. Have you ever wanted to get away for the weekend but hesitated, knowing that you have to submit payroll information in order to pay your employees on time? With Virtual Office, only a computer, an internet connection and your password are needed. Additionally, there is no need to personally pick up payroll checks or wait for them to arrive by mail. Virtual Office allows Fleming to virtually send a file, enabling a client to print the checks in the comfort their own home or office. Direct deposit can also be used with the service. Virtual Office makes life easier on employees, as well. Pay stubs and employment information can be accessed online 24-7.

Virtual Office is not available in stores. Fleming is one of the very few accountants in Oklahoma to offer the innovative technology to business owners. The program is quickly gaining popularity. “I have already helped several clients implement this technology,” Fleming says. “The software is user-friendly, and I train each client to use it in his or her own office. I keep returning until they are comfortable with it.” Fleming can do the same for you. Client satisfaction has and always will be his top priority.

If you are ready to experience the benefits of Virtual Office yourself, call Christopher W. Fleming, Inc. in Claremore at (918) 341-0900 or in Owasso at (918) 379-4494. Visit for more information.

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