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By: Christopher Davis | Category: Other | Issue: October 2014

Mike Eubanks, Megan Eubanks, and Kevin Dyson, owners of DLLS Systems and Tel-Star Technologies.

Mike Eubanks, Megan Eubanks, and Kevin Dyson, owners of DLLS Systems and Tel-Star Technologies.

DLSS Systems and Tel-Star Technologies are partner companies that provide a variety of custom communications and technology solutions. From security and video surveillance to phone and computer networking, DLSS Systems and Tel-Star Technologies combine their expertise for seamless, professional system integration.
Operating as a single team with two squads, they specialize in customized systems of all sorts. “If it’s low-voltage, we do it,” says Kevin Dyson, head of DLSS Systems. Their clients include large casinos, small businesses and family homes who demand the best security, networks and electrical systems.
“Technology has changed,” says Dyson. A quick glance at everyday gadgets suggests that electronics have attained a new level of efficiency and ability. With Internet and cloud-based solutions becoming standard, electronic systems are now faster, smaller and are shedding redundant components.
In the security industry, the effects of technological progress are noteworthy. Two decades ago, surveillance systems relied on VHS tapes to store video footage. A decade ago, DVR was standard. Now, cloud servers are simplifying the process even more. That is, digital video footage is stored on a server off site, or “up in the cloud,” as some are fond of saying. Now, as Dyson puts it, “it’s just cameras and cloud storage.”
Cameras, too, have become remarkably more effective, compared to their predecessors. Not long ago, security cameras were bulky and obvious. In some cases, their effectiveness relied as much on the perception of being watched as the likelihood that anyone was actually monitoring in real time. Now, video cameras are subtle and reliably transmit footage in real time over high speed Internet. And, since administrators are able to view on computers (and even smartphones) safely off-site at any time, the would-be criminals’ perception they cannot escape the so-called “eye in the sky” is a reality.
“Customers save a couple thousand dollars,” says Dyson of recent breakthroughs in technology. DLSS Systems offers turn-key security systems for remarkably reasonable rates. Currently, they offer a 2-gig security package that includes three doors, a motion sensor and control panel. “The system can handle up to 40 devices, and you can get it for around $99,” notes Dyson. Upgrading with video cameras, motion sensors-to-live monitoring and cloud storage for archives is simple.
The efficient and affordable approach extends to lighting and appliance automation as well, which not only eases everyday life, but saves on energy costs and enhances security. DLSS Systems and Tel-Star Technologies provide customers with a smartphone application that enables users to monitor and control devices while they are away. So, even when a user is on vacation for the holidays, he or she can log in and view video footage, turn on lights or even turn off the sprinklers.
“We don’t want to walk into a building and see a lighting system and say, ‘Wow, who did this?’ We want to be the ones installing these systems that wow people,” says Mike Eubanks, head of Tel-Star Technologies.
Eubanks and Dyson are longtime friends who cut their teeth at large technology companies. As technology evolved and the larger companies moved on, they both found themselves providing services for longtime clients with unique needs the former companies couldn’t meet. Recognizing a demand for customized services they specialized in, Eubanks and Dyson struck out on their own.
“The trend with the larger security companies is to go out and win as many accounts as possible,” says Dyson. “We don’t view our customers as numbers; we build relationships,” he says. 

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