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Cricket Nation

Cellular company Cricket now offers nationwide calling and unlimited messaging.

By: Lorrie Jackson | Category: Consumer News | Issue: May 2007

Cricket employees test out several cell phones offered in conjunction with the new Cricket Nation plan.

Parents who buy cell phone plans for their children often face a common dilemma: they want to provide the cell phone for its convenience and safety. However, they soon grow tired of paying overage charges when their child exceeds their plan’s minutes or “unlimited” number of text messages.

This dilemma can become history with Cricket Nation, the newest plan from cellular company Cricket. With Cricket Nation, the number of text or picture messages sent by the user is insignificant. Cricket District Director Brett Parker says, “When we say unlimited, that’s exactly what we mean.”

Parker also points out that children’s needs change as they get older. “The younger kids like to text message,” he says. “But as they grow up, they start using more calling minutes.” All Cricket plans include unlimited, anytime minutes within the calling area, possibly saving customers hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year in overages.

“We have always believed in the power of the unlimited,” Parker continues. “This new rate plan reiterates our commitment to providing our customers with calling plans that meet and exceed their needs.” With Cricket’s free, unlimited text, picture and instant messaging for all customers, people will be able to enjoy a service that provides convenience and flexibility. Parker says, “Cricket Nation customers have the advantage of knowing that wherever they go, we’re going with them.”

Today’s Cricket has come a long way from the original Cricket of years ago that was made famous for offering great local cell phone service. Times have changed, however, bringing a greater demand for extra services, like text, instant and picture messaging. Long distance plans and voicemail and caller identification services are now more popular than ever. In response to these consumer needs, Cricket has transformed itself to offer more than it did when it was only a local call company.

Cricket Nation includes Cricket’s trademark unlimited features, as well as the ability to affordably roam. The new plan includes unlimited, anytime minutes, unlimited long distance in the United States, unlimited text, picture and instant messaging, as well as free voicemail, caller identification and call waiting. Three-way calling, home calling in all Cricket markets and 200 nationwide minutes are also included with Cricket Nation. If a customer travels abroad or just needs to call outside the country, Cricket offers an add-on international long distance package. “We have great international calling rates, especially to Mexico,” Parker says. “A large portion of our Hispanic clientele takes advantage of this feature.” Other affordable add-on features, such as unlimited mobile web, are available and can be viewed at

The new Cricket Nation plan is another advancement in Cricket’s endeavor to remain a major player in the cellular communication field. The company strives to provide its customers with the best value for their money. “Cricket found that we were losing customers who wanted a wider variety of services,” says Parker. “We’ve worked hard and gradually evolved to offer what customers were asking for.”

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