Create Your Scarecrow For Autumn

By: Mary Bransford | Category: Lawn & Garden | Issue: September 2018

Think outside the overalls! Get in the spirit of fall by participating in a Tulsa Botanic Garden tradition. This is your chance to display your creativity in the Garden’s annual Scarecrow Show. Registration is open to anyone. It is a perfect activity to do as a group OR as an individual. The sky is the limit as far as what you can do... think BIG, think small, think old, young, human and non-human, traditional and original, old-school and new-school. Use your IMAGINATION!

Rally your friends, family, students, co-workers and comrades and join in a Garden tradition.

Tulsa Botanic Garden’s 5th Annual Scarecrow Exhibit will be on display from Thursday, October 4 through Friday, November 3; and will surround the Pumpkin Labyrinth.  This is their only community-sourced art exhibit, and therefore provides you the opportunity to create a scarecrow that will be viewed by thousands as part of their autumn display.  This is something you may feel inspired to create on your own, or it may be the perfect activity to with a group or team from your school or church.  Entries from individuals, artists, businesses, non-profits, schools, churches, and youth organizations are welcomed.

Important Dates

Registration Due: Friday, Sept. 21 Register at the Tulsa Botanic Garden website:

Scarecrow Drop-off: Thursday, Sept. 27 through Sunday, Sept. 30, 10AM- 5PM.

Scarecrow Pick-up: Nov. 5-11, 10AM-5PM. Any scarecrows left after Nov. 11 become property of Tulsa Botanic Garden.

Scarecrows will be on display for visitors Thursday, Oct. 4 to Sunday, Nov. 4.

Entry fee: $15 for non-profits, schools, scouts; $20 for families or individuals; $25 for businesses

Important Details
  1. Your scarecrow will be outdoors, exposed to the sometimes harsh conditions of Oklahoma weather, including wind and rain, for a month. Please keep these elements in mind as you design and build your scarecrow, and make sure that all accoutrements and accessories are appropriately adhered to your creation.  The Garden will use a t-post and hay bale to attach your scarecrow to when installing.
  2. Your scarecrow will be viewed by all ages. so please, keep it appropriate. Let’s not get political or religious. Anything deemed in poor taste by Tulsa Botanic Garden staff will not be accepted, and we reserve the right to refuse/remove scarecrows not suitable for display.
  3. Garden staff will determine placement and installation of each scarecrow. Signage will be provided that will list your name (or group or business name) along with your scarecrow’s title.
  4. Questions and concerns regarding any special considerations can be directed to Maggie Regan at 918-289-0330 or eat0@eau0eav0eaw0
  5. Awards: People’s Choice Award will be determined by votes from visitors to the Garden ($50 prize). Judges’ Award will include a first place prize of $50 and a second place prize of $25.

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