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Create an Extraordinary Outdoor Space

Just when you think Rock Solid Materials has every product imaginable, they add even more outdoor items.

By: Duane Blankenship | Category: Home Improvement | Issue: May 2008

Rock Solid Materials owner Bryan Ketchum demonstrates one of the company’s new fireplace kits, a popular item for fans of outdoor living.

Just when you think Rock Solid Materials has every product imaginable, they add even more outdoor items. Rock Solid, adjacent to the Easton Sod Farm at 123rd Street and South Memorial in Bixby, offers all shapes and sizes of natural flagstone, chopped stone, tumbled stone, thin veneers, creek rock, moss rock, builders rock and more. They have recently added some new products that focus on the back yard, including outdoor fireplace kits, kitchen kits, custom swimming pools and hot tubs, flagstone patios and arbor kits.

“We are all about customer service. That’s why we offer so many product selections. We also emphasize the quality of our installations and our availability to handle any problem a customer might have with a product, during or after installation,” says Bryan Ketchum, owner of Rock Solid Materials. Clients always deal directly with an owner; one is available on every construction site.

Thin veneer stone was first popularized in the United States on the east and west coasts, and the concept has recently made its way to the center of the country. Thin veneer stone can be used to give traditional brick homes a rock accent. Veneer stone products mean less trash, clean-up and assembly time.

In order to ensure quality installation, Rock Solid possesses its own thin-veneer saw. Nine different stone options are cut and packaged as 1” veneers for fireplace kits, kitchen kits, fire pits or anywhere a customer wants natural stone. With stone veneers, there is far less clutter, huge footings do not have to be dug, and most projects can be completed in days rather than weeks. The fireplace kits are available in 24-inch, 36-inch and 48-inch models and are packaged as standard fireplace kits or as see-through models.

Swimming pools, hot tubs, outdoor kitchens and arbors are just a few of the products offered at Rock Solid Materials to enhance your outdoor experience.

Outdoor kitchen molds are poured in 3-foot by 3-foot sections. The molds are assembled, mortar is applied to the outside and rock veneers are set in place. The finished product looks like real stone, because it actually is real stone.

Popular accessories include flues, top-mount dampers, black galvanized chimney caps, stainless steel or copper chimney caps, steel log grates, and gallon buckets of high-temperature cement.

Cooking grates are available in various sizes, and pizza ovens, brick ovens and brick oven doors are extremely popular accessory items. Outdoor brick ovens, still widely used in countries such as Italy, are a great choice for enhancing your family’s meals. Imagine cooking your own pizza, meats, desserts and breads in your backyard brick oven. The delicious results are simply not possible with a conventional oven.

Rock Solid also offers packaged kits for do-it-yourselfers. These kits consist of all materials needed for a particular project. Step-by-step instructions and lots of photos are included with each kit, and some projects even have videos available to aid in the construction process.

If you are not particularly inclined to tackle do-it-yourself projects, Rock Solid has stonemasons who will do the work for you. According to Ketchum, “We can do an outdoor kitchen and fireplace as a turnkey project and be in and out in four days, whereas traditional materials and methods could take up to two weeks for completion.”

Rock Solid’s modular approach to outdoor kitchens and fireplaces has been well-received in the area. They were a big hit at the recent Tulsa Home & Garden Show.

Natural wood arbor kits and custom swimming pools are a great way to finish off your backyard project. Complete information and pricing is available at the Rock Solid outdoor showroom.

If you’re interested in outdoor living, you’ll love the great assortment of materials and products at Rock Solid Materials in Bixby.

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