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Couple's Joint Operation

Dr. LaButti performed Jeffery Tyra’s knee replacement and his wife Barbara’s hip replacement.

By: Lorrie Ward Jackson | Category: Health & Fitness | Issue: August 2011

Husband and wife Jeffery and Barbara Tyra are both satisfied patients of Dr. LaButti.

Husband and wife Jeffery and Barbara Tyra are both satisfied patients of Dr. LaButti.

In 2010, being in pain had become a way of life for Jeffery Tyra. The pain in his knee had become so severe that it was affecting his job as a truck driver tremendously, as he could hardly climb up and down the trailer without excruciating effort. Even with the help of a knee brace, he could barely function in his daily activities or even sleep at night.

That is when his wife, Barbara, convinced him to visit Dr. LaButti. Barbara herself had been a patient of Dr. LaButti’s in the early 2000s, when radiation for colon cancer had disintegrated her hip and caused her to be unable to walk very far at a time. Her doctor in Tulsa had recommended orthopedic surgeon Dr. LaButti, who performed a hip replacement on Barbara. “I thank my lucky stars I went to see him,” says Barbara. “You hear so many horror stories that can really scare you about surgery, which is why I put it off. But after my first consultation with Dr. LaButti, I lost all my fear.”

Barbara’s confidence in Dr. LaButti was soon rewarded. “Within six weeks of surgery, I was feeling 100 percent better than before surgery, and within six months, I was ­completely recovered. No more walker – I could even run in the back yard!”

When Jeffery’s pain became debilitating last year, he took his wife’s advice and went to see Dr. LaButti, who recommended knee replacement surgery. Since the surgery in December of 2010, Jeffery has been able to return to work full time. He reports that he has achieved total mobility and is experiencing absolutely no residual pain in his leg or knee.

Both Jeffery and Barbara have nothing but praise for Dr. LaButti and the effect he has had on their lives. They describe him as “completely focused” on their surgeries and recoveries. “Some doctors talk at you,” says Jeffery. “Dr. LaButti talks to you.”

The couple lives in Oktaha, Oklahoma, over an hour from Dr. LaButti’s office. They are very appreciative that Dr. LaButti and his staff are ­considerate of their patients’ time. Barbara reports that every appointment was right on ­schedule, which is especially important when one has to make such a long drive. Neither Jeffery nor Barbara had to endure a long hospital stay for their respective surgeries; Barbara says they were each only in the hospital for two days and allowed to go home on the third day.

As parents of a soldier in Iraq, Barbara and Jeff also admire the fact that Dr. LaButti donates his time to help the Blue Star Mothers. “This makes me respect him all the more,” says Barbara, who is a member of the organization. “His ­dedication to the men and women in uniform confirms what I already felt about him – that he has a good soul.”

Barbara recently began having trouble with her knee, which she believes is related to her hip problems before her surgery and the stress it put on her joint. But she is not worried, because she knows just who to consult with on the problem. “We have so much faith in Dr. LaButti,” she says. “He has become our hero.”

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