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Comprehensive Life Maps

Select Life Management guides us through the aging process.

By: Duane Blankenship | Category: Special Interest | Issue: May 2007

Imane Rose, marketing director, takes pride in Select Life Management’s ability to help others help their loved ones.

Select Life Management understands the impact of the aging process on individuals in need of care, as well as their families. The company provides comprehensive services to analyze and determine an aging person’s specific needs and works with the individual and his or her family to take care of those needs.

Unless one has taken care of an aging family member in the past, most people do not realize how much the situation can change family dynamics. Many ignore or refuse to talk about the decline of a family member’s health. Many people are often surprised, as well as uneducated, when the reality of needing to take care of an elderly family member approaches.

Imane Rose, marketing director for Select Life Management, recommends having an open mind before help is needed with family members. She advises families to seek consultation to find the best options available. Look ahead and take action beforehand as the many services available can make the decision confusing. Select Life Management aims to educate clients and give them the best solutions for their situations.

Select Life Management’s services provide clients with advocates and expert facilitators that can help in all areas of an individual’s daily life. The company makes sure needing individuals get the care they need, including anything from making minor home repairs to assistance with medications. The professionals at Select Life Management are qualified to provide solutions and help navigate the difficult aging process.

Because each client’s needs are different, Select Life Management advocates customize plans to fit individuals’ lifestyles. Many issues are managed by the advocates, a few of which include safety, nutrition and health issues. Life maps help keep clients safe and secure.

Once Select Life Management’s services have been employed, clients may choose to implement the recommended solutions on their own or let Select Life Management to put the life map into action. The company’s integrated and collaborative approach is designed to address any problems that have been identified and enhance the quality of life for every client.

With extensive knowledge in many areas of life that are affected by growing older, Select Life Management provides experienced help to individuals in need. If you or a family member is concerned and do not know where to find quality advice, expert advocators may provide solutions. Emotions frequently get in the way of making sensible decisions for loved ones. Select Life Management’s objective assessment includes written suggested solutions for each situation.

According to Rose, “Our clients rely on us as their eyes, ears and their advocates.” Call Select Life Management today to learn more about its services and exactly what can be done for your situation. The company can evaluate the cost of a personal, comprehensive life map.

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