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Advanced Cosmetic Medicine carries products to help you achieve complete nutrition through whole food concentrates.

By: Mallory Spoor-Baker | Category: Health & Beauty | Issue: December 2011

Mallory Spoor-Baker, D.O., of Advanced Cosmetic Medicine in Tulsa.

Mallory Spoor-Baker, D.O., of Advanced Cosmetic Medicine in Tulsa.

Are you wanting to lose a few pounds before the holidays are over? Are you looking for a way to look better and feel better? Are you struggling to improve your diet to promote you and your family’s health?

Do you realize that the American Cancer Society, Center for Disease Control, National Institute of Health, USDA, and the World Health Organization all say we need to consume 9 to 13 servings of raw fruits and vegetables every day to promote and protect our health? Can you do that? For myself, I’m lucky just to eat a large salad every day.

I’ve been bad about eating breakfast and lunch on the run. I’ve realized that I’ve lost track of my food consumption in my 40s. No wonder I haven’t been able to lose any weight. I do add fruits and vegetables into my diet everyday, thankfully, through a whole food concentrate in capsule form. Because of that, I have been well. It occurred to me that I might be able to address my weight issues and my overall nutrition issues the same way.

I was also looking for a way to simplify my food choices so that I was not having to weigh and measure everything to achieve weight loss. My solution was in the form of a protein meal replacement drink. So I started replacing breakfast and lunch with a protein powder beverage. This allowed me to decrease my calories at two meals a day. It also made me realize that I have been eating too much! 

I also wanted “fast” meal replacement. What’s faster than a beverage, right? Easy, too. But I did not want just any protein powder. There are many protein powders on the market. There are also many quick-fix diet ­programs out there – too many to count. I find that the majority of them are chemical based with artificial sweeteners: not my idea of healthy. I wanted something that incorporated my desire for whole food, plant based ­nutrition, and relatively low in carbohydrates. I’ve found one that is made by the same ­company as the fruit and ­vegetable concentrate I take and recommend to all my patients. The same product line that has 23 published clinical ­trials supporting the health ­benefits of whole food fruit and vegetable nutrition. Go figure! It was right under my nose all the time.

I just started this process, so I’ll let you know how it goes. To lose a pound per week, you have to increase caloric expenditure by 500 calories per day (3,500 calories per week). That can be done with calorie intake ­reduction, exercise, or a combination of both. I’m working on cutting my calories by 300 and exercising off at least 200. So far I can definitely say I feel like I’m making progress. I’m down about five pounds and my clothes are looser. 

I am excited about offering a new program to my patients. Face it, we are all looking for something new. I’m excited about continuing to encourage my patients to take their health seriously. For myself, I’m trying to achieve sustainable weight loss without drugs and ­chemicals, with a new take on an old process: burning more calories that I consume. What
a concept! For my patients, they can achieve better health and beauty with better nutrition. Call us for more information. 

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