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Commit to Get Fit

Often the hardest thing about beginning a personal fitness program is finally making the commitment to get started.

By: Duane Blankenship | Category: Health & Fitness | Issue: April 2009

Aaron and Bethany Henson, owners of Fitness Together in Tulsa, are celebrating their third year in business.

Often the hardest thing about beginning a personal fitness program is finally making the commitment to get started. Fitness Together is a company that will help you do it now – one client, one trainer and one goal at a time.

Most of us would like to look and feel better, but we can think of hundreds of reasons for placing exercise on the back burner. We know we should start working out, but many of us have some sort of aversion to public gyms. Past experience has told us that they can be crowded, intimidating – especially to a newcomer – and downright confusing.

Aaron and Bethany Henson are the owners of Fitness Together (FT), a concept that pairs clients with their own personal fitness trainer, along with scheduled weekly workout sessions in fully-equipped private rooms. You’ll never see a crowd at FT, and you’ll never have to wait for equipment. There are no distractions during your workouts – just you and your trainer focused on helping you attain your personal fitness goals. Each of your sessions is conducted in one of the company’s independent private training studios.

Fitness Together is for men, women, boys and girls, young and old. Current clients range in age from 12 to 79. If you decide to pay a visit to FT to look things over, you’ll get a tour of the facility, see the many pieces of exercise equipment, meet a personal fitness trainer, and get an overview of exactly what to expect should you decide to employ the company’s services.

Once you’ve made the decision to begin the program, you and your personal fitness trainer will sit down and talk about your goals and expectations. Your objective might be weight loss, weight management, body fat reduction, increased muscle tone, flexibility, or cardiovascular health. Whatever your health ambitions, an individualized program, based solely on your personal needs, will be designed to accommodate your goals and lifestyle.

You’ll discuss how long it will take you to attain your desired results, the best time to schedule your workouts, and exactly what the cost will be. You will be undergoing progressive training that is always challenging but very rewarding, and you will begin seeing changes in the way you look and feel about yourself. As one client put it, “I feel much better than I did before beginning my personal training at Fitness Together – it’s amazing!”

In addition to feeling good about having a personal trainer and finally working toward your goals, you will experience increased motivation, accelerated results, accountability, the use of private rooms in which to do your training, and an emphasis on proper technique. Since you will be doing your training program under professional supervision, there is also a decreased risk of injury.  

Aaron and Bethany own two Tulsa Fitness Together locations; one is probably near you. They design friendly, rewarding team competitions every six weeks to challenge the clients of both locations to outdo one another. Prizes are awarded to top-performing individuals and, of course, bragging rights are bestowed upon the PT location that wins each team competition.

Don’t put your fitness goals off any longer. Give Fitness Together a call or go by for a quick introduction and tour of either facility.

For more information, contact

Fitness Together

7939 S. Memorial
(918) 392-5370
6048 S. Yale
(918) 551-6799

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