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Clear & Believable Service Practices

Nelson Nissan wants you to believe in the way they do business.

By: Eddie Stephens | Category: Consumer News | Issue: October 2006

New Service Manager, Randy Grady, brings a large market perspective to his role.

“Let’s do business and let’s do it right.” That’s a brief, crystal-clear way to describe the philosophy of Nelson Nissan.

Those are the words Service Manager, Randy Grady, used to promote not only the dealership’s approach, but his department’s as well. With just over two months on site, his intentions are to drive that value forward in transformational ways.

Randy has recently spent three years in Dallas, Texas, that included managing one of the largest and highest volume Nissan service operations in that area. He believes Nelson Nissan and it’s customers will definitely benefit from his 35 years of dealership experience, and 24 of them has been with the Nissan product.

He admits, “Nelson’s service department has an established reputation for excellence. I’m looking to expand that reputation to even higher levels.”

Reflecting on his tenure in the larger Dallas automotive market, Randy has visions of how this greater-Tulsa area dealership can expand service excellence. “I wouldn’t trade my experience in the Dallas market because it expanded my vision for a dealership’s potential,” Randy says.

He values Nelson Nissan’s already high standards, and his vision is to direct them to an even higher level of service. Randy believes that successful companies are eager learners and ever open to transformational business approaches.

    Nelson Nissan has uniquely served the greater-Tulsa area for 17 years. Their recognizable advertising slogan has led many to believe that quality products deserve to be sold and serviced with utmost integrity.

The anticipated growth of the service department is keeping Randy focused. He highlights their experienced staff of technicians as a primary element of his anticipation.

“Our technicians have a complete understanding of the Nissan product,” Randy confirms while explaining, “Each of Nelson’s technicians completed their automotive education at Okmulgee State Tech in the Nissan specific training program. After graduating, they have each trained under Nissan Master Tech’s, and have repaired only Nissan products since.”

Randy says that his department’s service technicians have been singularly focused on Nissan products. “They have each trained with Master Technicians here at Nelson,” he includes.

The road to Master Tech status is a 8-10 year process. Each training module requires that specific qualifications be met to assure that each technician receives knowledgeable service training.

All of the Nelson technicians servicing your Nissan are close to reaching that training milestone. According to Randy, one of their techs has nine years invested there.

In tandem with the focused experience of the department’s techs, there are two service advisors. One of those advisors has four years on the Nelson Nissan team.

Bringing his expanded vision to this dealership, Randy is diligent in seeing them elevate the offering. “We are looking ahead to being a full-service dealer,” he states.

His first full-service approach was to establish a Nissan OEM Tire Department. “We have available the original OEM tires that come on a customers Nissan from the factory, but it does not end there. Recently we purchased a Hunter Laser alignment system that has the latest technology available in today’s market. And it keeps getting better… When you consider a Nissan trained technician installs the tires and aligns the vehicle and you even get road hazard protection and free life-of-the-tire rotation included. I have to believe this is the best service a Nissan customer can get!!!”

Customers can look forward to express-oil change service that will continue offering economical specials. “We’re not interested in being a discount house,” Randy reminds, “But we are interested in providing money-saving options to our customers. And, there will be additional benefits for our customers in the near future Randy’s vision, teamed with Nelson Nissan’s specialized training of service technicians and advisors, is driving transformation forward in this trusted, local dealership.

“Become a believer” by experiencing the Nelson Nissan approach to automotive excellence! You, too, will be crystal clear about the way they insist on doing business right!

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