Citizens of District 3 Want Roll-Off Containers

Ron Burrows, Republican candidate for Rogers County Commissioner District 3, plans to return the solid waste management program if elected.

By: Sheryl Sowell | Category: In Our Communities | Issue: November 2014

Ron Burrows would like to see the roll-off containers return for Rogers County District 3 residents.

Ron Burrows would like to see the roll-off containers return for Rogers County District 3 residents.

Ron Burrows is the Republican candidate for Rogers County Commissioner District 3. Throughout his campaign and during three public forums, Ron has repeatedly encountered a particular issue that numerous Rogers County citizens are concerned with – the availability of solid waste collection sites utilizing roll-off trash containers.

The roll-off trash container program had been in place for more than a year when the current County Commissioner eliminated the program. Previously, three sites in District 3 (Inola, Catoosa and Claremore) each had a roll-off container in place for residents to dispose of large, bulky items. This helped prevent people in District 3 from having to drive to the landfill in Tulsa to dispose of such items. “Before the roll-off trash container program was implemented, the County responded to about three calls per week regarding items such as mattresses and large screen TVs or other bulky items being dumped on the side of the road. The program greatly reduced the number of calls to around two per month,” say county officials.    

While speaking to residents during his campaign, Ron has found that the people of Rogers County District 3 want this program to return. “From 2013 to 2014, 169 roll-off containers were emptied. That is a large amount of waste; residents were most certainly making use of this program,” says Burrows. “If elected Rogers County Commissioner District 3, I will make it a top priority to bring the roll-off container program back.”

The cost to empty the containers from the three sites last year was more than $53,000. “A grant is available through the Association of County Commissioners of Oklahoma in the amount of $5,000 to help fund the program,” says Burrows. “In addition, recycling opportunities are available to help offset the costs.”

The program offers many benefits to residents. The service is free to residents; however, it is not meant to be used in place of a regular weekly trash service. The program is designed to provide a convenient place to dispose of large, bulky items including furniture, televisions, mattresses and more. It is not intended to be used by contractors who generate this type of solid waste on a regular basis.

“It is important to me to listen to the residents of Rogers County and serve their needs,” says Burrows. The position of county commissioner involves not only overseeing the construction of roads and bridges, but also inspecting and improving county programs and facilities, supervising financial affairs of the county, developing personal policies, making agreements affecting the welfare of the citizens, and much, much more.

Ron’s 30-plus year work history, his solid background in budget processes and his proven ability to be a leader as well as a team player is what Rogers County needs. Burrows’ platform includes a focus on public safety, working in harmony with all entities throughout Rogers County to better serve its citizens and, most importantly, fiscal and budget responsibility. Burrows states that if elected, he will work with other agencies to identify the county’s needs and help ensure that resources are available to accomplish important missions, with a focus on budget management.

“My experience has given me the confidence to run for county commissioner,” Burrows said. “I hope the citizens of Rogers County consider me for the job and I would appreciate their vote on November 4th.”

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