Church Giveaways Rock On

The Rock Church will continue its annual tradition of hosting several outreaches and giveaways during the holiday season.

By: Joshua Danker-Dake | Category: Special Interest | Issue: November 2011

Pastors Billy Joe and Theresa Watts of The Rock Church.

Pastors Billy Joe and Theresa Watts of The Rock Church.

The Rock Church is active with outreaches and giveaways all year long, but in November and December they hold an ­exceptional number of holiday giveaways and outreaches. “We love giving,” says Pastor Billy Joe Watts. “We just want to bless people. Our mission is to serve God and love people, and our giveaways are some of the ways that we do that. They’re some of our favorite things to do.”

The Rock Church is a multi-racial, diverse church with a strong, active body of members. They meet at Union High School’s Performing Arts Center (6636 S. Mingo). “The spirit of giving and generosity is alive at The Rock Church,” says Pastor Watts. “We’ve had people join our church who were touched in some way by one of our outreaches.”

The Rock Church’s annual Touched by a Turkey Day, now in its third year, is Saturday, November 19, the last weekend before Thanksgiving. The Rock Church will again give away 500 turkeys to needy families. This year, Touched by a Turkey will be at Union Intermediate High School (7616 S. Garnett), and will begin at 10 a.m. and last as long as the turkeys do. “They go fast,” says Pastor Watts. “If you call us ahead of time, though, we’ll do what we can to make sure you get one.”

On Thanksgiving, Thursday, November 24, The Rock Church will hold its annual Starbucks Day, now in its third year. Rock Church members will be ­handing out a hundred $5 Starbucks gift cards at each of four Starbucks locations in the Tulsa area. “There’s no preaching, no proselytizing,” says Pastor Watts. “This is just one of the ways we show love to people.”

This year, The Rock Church’s bike giveaway is Saturday, December 17, but it’s going to be done differently from years past. The Rock Church has formed a ­partnership with the Tulsa Dream Center and Pastor Wendell Hope. Every fourth Friday of the month, The Rock Church leads the evening service there. “We have 350 members at our church,” says Pastor Watts. “Every year, the Tulsa Dream Center reaches about 30,000 people. Working with them is a wonderful opportunity to reach a much broader group of people. We’ve made a one-year ­commitment to support the Tulsa Dream Center financially, and as part of that, we’ll be donating 50 bikes this year through their Christmas outreach, where they’ll be giving away 3,000 toys.” If you’re ­interested in the bike giveaway, contact the Tulsa Dream Center. Their website is

The Rock Church has also partnered with Cornerstone Assistance Network (, which ­provides community and relief services to those in need. The church has also partnered with Union to help people in need. “We support these organizations financially, and we help people who have needs get connected with them,” says Pastor Watts.

The Rock Church’s ­benevolence ministry, “The Pearl of Great Price,” is active year-round. “The benevolence ­ministry is a way we minister to people in very practical ways. We also have a food outreach, and we’ve done that since the beginning,” says Pastor Watts. “It’s a very important part of what we do.” Watts has 20 years of benevolence ministry ­experience; he was responsible for Rhema Bible Church’s benevolence ministry for 15 years.

The Rock Church holds worship services every Sunday at 10 a.m. at Union’s Performing Arts Center. The first Sunday of every month is a Communion service. There’s always plenty going on there, and they’d love to have you. You can visit them on the web at


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