Chimneys and Roofs are What They Do

It’s full speed ahead for second generation family owners of Black Hat Cleaning & Roofing.

By: Duane Blankenship | Category: Professional Services | Issue: July 2014

Black Hat Cleaning Services & Roofing is now managed by second-generation family owners Mike Boles,Patience Boles and David CR Harris.

Black Hat Cleaning Services & Roofing is now managed by second-generation family owners Mike Boles,Patience Boles and David CR Harris.

Founded in 1977 by David E. Harris, Black Hat Cleaning Services has served the Tulsa metro area for 37 years, providing chimney cleaning and repair, air duct cleaning, and dryer vent cleaning and repair. In January, second-generation family members took over the reins of managing the business, and they’ve been running full speed ahead ever since.  

The new management team includes David E.’s son and daughter, David CR Harris and Patience Boles, and David E.’s son-in-law, Michael Boles. David CR and Patience have literally grown up in the family-owned and operated business, and Michael has 25 years of experience in the roofing industry. He joined the Black Hat team almost two years ago to establish and operate the new Roofing Division. With the amount of time Black Hat has spent on roof tops over the years, it was a natural progression to add roofing to the menu of services. “No project is too large or small for us, and Black Hat is here to stay,” said Michael. “Most area residents recognize the name and know that Black Hat is a company they can trust.”

 “With the incorporation of roofing into the business,” said Patience, “we’ve also added guttering and attic insulation removal.” The company does all types of light construction including rebuilding roofs, chimney chases, soffit replacement and repair, and siding replacement and repair. “We do just about any type of outdoor repair, and our Cleaning Division cleans flues, air ducts and dryer vents,” said Patience. “Most of our customers think of us as their outdoor handyman.”

Michael adds, “We want Oklahoma residents to know that Black Hat Cleaning Services & Roofing has deep, well-established roots in this part of the state.” Black Hat is also a member of the Better Business Bureau, and they’re working hard to grow their Roofing Division as they add new services to the lineup.

When you enlist Black Hat, you’ll appreciate the comfort you find in knowing that an actual member of the Harris family (complete with black hat) will come to your door and supervise or perform the requested services. “The black hat is an integral part of our identity,” said David CR, “and we wear them just about everywhere we go. Dad initiated the practice as he went door-to-door with flyers when he began his business. We still enjoy wearing the hats as we work to help keep customers’ homes and businesses safe and clean.”

When you need a new roof or are interested in more information about Black Hat’s cleaning services, call Black Hat. The Roofing Division provides a no-obligation free roof inspection.  Summer is a great time to have your chimney cleaned and checked. When cold weather returns later this year, all you’ll have to do is light a fire and know that your chimney is good to go.

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