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Cognitive creativity and Christian values come together at Claremore ­Children’s Center.

By: Stephanie Reed | Category: Education | Issue: October 2013

Owner Suzanne Carroll pauses to smile with staff at ­Claremore’s Children Center.

Owner Suzanne Carroll pauses to smile with staff at ­Claremore’s Children Center.

For many parents, the most agonizing part of returning to or continuing in the ­workforce isn’t the work itself, but rather the fear of the unknown for the children left behind with babysitters or in childcare centers. Claremore parents can rest a little easier, as Claremore Children’s Center was ­established to set your mind at ease. Started in May of 2005, Claremore Children’s Center’s mission is to serve as a haven for local children while promoting Christian values.  

    Owner Suzanne Carroll has been in the childcare ­business for 20 years. As a former special education teacher, she realized quickly that early childhood ­development was her calling; she wanted to provide a place for children to feel safe while receiving a holistic education. “Parents shouldn’t have to worry about their child while they are out trying to provide financially. We want our ­parents to know that we are going to meet all of their child’s needs: physically, ­emotionally, and mentally,” Suzanne says.

    In an effort to meet all of her students’ needs, Suzanne offers some perks that other childcare centers do not. First of all, she provides an onsite counselor to help both ­children and parents through trials they may face. She also provides onsite ­immunizations through the Blue Cross and Blue Shield caring van. Furthermore, called by her faith, Suzanne and Claremore Children’s Center frequently extend a helping hand to families struggling with housing, clothing and more. “We view our children and their ­families as a part of our ­family. We go through so much together. We pray together, and we cry ­together,” Suzanne explains.

    It isn’t only warmth and togetherness that has earned Claremore Children’s Center their two star rating. The ­center provides daily ­information sheets for infants through three years of age, and they provide weekly sheets for pre-K children. In addition, the center sends home monthly newsletters and menus for their state approved food program, ­featuring a breakfast snack, nutritious lunch, and an ­afternoon snack. “We serve our children only the ­healthiest foods,” Suzanne comments. “We buy Braum’s milk to avoid added growth hormones, and we offer ­veggies and fresh fruit.”  

    Concerned about your older children? No need to worry. After students are picked up from school, they are given a snack and then encouraged to complete any homework assignments with the help of teachers before the lively afternoon activities begin.  

    Claremore Children’s Center is currently ­undergoing application to earn their third star from the National Association for the Education of Young Children. The third star is the highest ranking possible and among hundreds of other ­criteria are teacher’s ­education, curriculum, ­multicultural education, ­inclusion, and a unique atmosphere. Centers with this type of star power must ­relicense every year with an onsite visit every three years.  

    “We have put our heart and soul into this center,” Suzanne says. “I truly believe that God has called me to service the children of Claremore and the ­surrounding areas.”

    If your child is in need of a loving daytime ­environment, visit Claremore Children’s center online or call today.

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