CCLP Asks Area Citizens to Become Caring Grands Reading Program Tutors

Help a struggling first and second grade reader. Become a volunteer literacy tutor!

By: Melissa Struttmann | Category: Education | Issue: August 2019

According to the National Assessment of Educational Process (NCES), too many children leave elementary school with reading skills inadequate for the next level of instruction. The report goes on to say, “We must provide these children who are behind with reading instruction that is more intensive, more explicit, and more supportive than can be provided by one teacher with a class of 20 or 30 children – and we should provide that extra support early, preferably in … first grade.”

Creek County Literacy Program collaborates with area elementary schools by providing tutoring to struggling readers.

The Mission of the Caring Grands Reading Program is to provide tutoring to struggling readers. Caring Grands tutor one-on-one with eligible first and second-graders, equipping them with tools to become successful readers before entering third grade. Caring Grands meet with their students for one-on-one tutoring 30 minutes weekly during the school year. Caring Grands assist educators in increasing students’ reading abilities, promote academic success, and prepare for future standardized assessments, such as the third-grade reading test.

To become a Caring Grand tutor, one must attend CCLP’s free Tutor Training workshop and pass a background check. Knowledge of another language is not necessary, and no prior teaching experience is required. This workshop will be held Thursday, Aug. 15, 2019, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Creek County Literacy Program, 15 North Poplar Street in Sapulpa. Lunch is provided.

“There is no age or background required to tutor, just a desire to help a child succeed in school,” said Executive Director Melissa Struttmann.

Presenter Donna Hall received her Master’s in Reading from Northeastern State University. Hall is a Certified Reading Specialist as well as a National Board-certified teacher in Early Childhood Education. She taught in the elementary school setting for over 20 years, teaching second grade at Edison Elementary School in Bristow. For two years Hall served as a REAC3H Instructional Coach, providing training and assistance to 14 school districts. She has also completed the requirements to present innovative strategies for Oklahoma literacy instruction as an Open Minds trainer, sponsored by the Literacy Resource Office of Oklahoma Department of Libraries.

For more information or to register for the free workshop, please call 918-224-9647.

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