Cash for When You’re Sick or Hurt

Aflac’s known as “the company that pays you cash when you are sick or hurt”.

By: Deanna Rebro | Category: Financial Services | Issue: September 2010

Aflac associate Mike Kirk and Aflac Duck present serious business in a fun way.

Aflac associate Mike Kirk and Aflac Duck present serious business in a fun way.

It’s known as “the company that pays you cash when you are sick or hurt”: American Family Life Assurance Company, better known as Aflac.

Associate Mike Kirk explains how Aflac differs from health insurance. “People have major medical to pay the hospital bill, but they don’t think of expenses like house payments, groceries, utilities, child care and car payments that keep on while they are recovering,” he says. Aflac is supplemental insurance that provides cash for daily living expenses, so policyholders can maintain their everyday lives without the added burden of financial stress.

Payments are made directly to policyholders, unless otherwise specified, regardless of any other insurance policy in effect. The money is theirs to use however they want. With proper documentation, the average claim is paid within four business days. According to Mike, forms are easy to understand and easy to complete online or by phone. Aflac rates are locked in when the policy is established and do not increase, even after a claim is filed.

Mike works primarily with businesses to provide employees specific policies for the security they need. Aflac policies cover accident, cancer or specified disease, dental, hospital confinement indemnity, hospital confinement sickness indemnity, hospital intensive care, life, lump sum cancer, lump sum cancer critical illness, specified health event, short term disability and vision. Young families who enroll will have all their children – present or future –automatically covered to age 25. Aflac also sets up flexible spending accounts at no charge to companies so their employees can pay for premiums with pretax dollars.

Although they offer a variety of policies, the most common are for accidents and cancer. In 1958, just three years after the three Amos brothers started their insurance company in a single room in downtown Columbus, Georgia, their mother’s tragic death to cancer led them to introduce a supplemental cancer policy. Today, Aflac is the largest cancer policy provider in the nation.  

Mike also knows firsthand the hardship that cancer can impart. At 14, he was diagnosed with the disease. His road to recovery included two surgeries, chemotherapy and $80,000 of out-of-pocket expenses that his parents had to cover. “National statistics show that 75 percent of all American households will be affected by cancer,” he says.

Mike would be happy to discuss a presentation with any business owner, benefits manager or human resources manager with at least three employees. His sidekick at each presentation is Aflac Duck. In a rare interview, Duck answered questions that everyone wants to know about him.  

The iconic spokes-duck began his work ten years ago. While walking through Central Park, an art director for a New York City advertising agency kept muttering the acronym, “Aflac.” What could they do with a name that sounds so strange? He soon realized how much it sounded like the quack of a duck. The rest is history. Aflac Duck is now one of the most widely recognized advertising symbols in the world.

The iconic Duck said he always receives a warm welcome at Mike’s presentations, and he enjoys the attention. The three-foot foam bird admitted, however, that he hates getting in and out of the car. And what does he like most about his work? With the push of a button – “Aflac!”

To ask questions or schedule an appointment, the number to call is (918) 852-4275.

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