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Dri-Rite is a family owned and operated company that aims for complete customer satisfaction.

By: Deanna Rebro | Category: Home Improvement | Issue: November 2011

(L to R): A call to Everett, Jennifer, Amber, Tina, and Kathy and Sophie of Dri-Rite will have you on your way to getting your carpets and upholstery cleaned the right way this holiday season.

(L to R): A call to Everett, Jennifer, Amber, Tina, and Kathy and Sophie of Dri-Rite will have you on your way to getting your carpets and upholstery cleaned the right way this holiday season.

There are carpet cleaners who work according to franchise rules. And then there is Dri-Rite, the expert carpet and upholstery cleaners who work according to their customers’ satisfaction.

Dri-Rite is not a chain or franchise. There is only one Dri-Rite, family owned and ­operated. Tony and Kathy Jones started their business in Oregon 25 years ago. They have been serving the Owasso area for 10 years.  

Kathy says that through the years, they tried all the ­techniques and products before coming up with a process that really works. They do dry foam cleaning, which they have found is superior to steam cleaning. There is no residue and no ­saturation of the carpet, pad or sub floor. They also use water-based, biodegradable and ­hypoallergenic products that are safe around pets and children. “You can bathe in everything we use,” she adds.

Just as important, they do not persuade people to spend more money than necessary. They keep their business simple and honest. There are only two optional services for carpet ­cleaning – pet odor removal and Teflon protection.

Dri-Rite has earned a ­reputation for their expertise in handling pet odors. Urine is a common problem that can be difficult to treat with standard cleaning methods. Dri-Rite uses a specialty product that attacks the bacteria responsible for the odor at the carpet surface. When the odor is especially heavy, extra steps may be required. The price for removing pet odors varies according to the size of the area affected, the severity of the odor problem, and the number of steps required to eliminate the odor. Dri-Rite’s technicians will assess the damage and provide a price quote before they begin working.

Their second option, Teflon protection, picks up where its predecessor, Scotchgard, left off. Teflon is becoming the new ­standard for carpet and ­upholstery protection against dry, liquid and oily soiling, as well as fiber matting and ­premature wear. Dri-Rite ­technicians apply an invisible shield of silicone polymer and a special dye blocker that fill the fiber pores. Kathy explains that with regular cleaning and Teflon applications, customers can extend the life of their carpet by as much as 50 percent.

“There’s nothing out there we haven’t cleaned,” says Kathy. That includes silk, satin, Haitian cotton and leather upholstery, as well as fine Persian and Oriental rugs. She recalls one very special natural dyed rug that they cleaned. It was a collector’s item from the first World’s Fair, ­valued at more than $100,000. Kathy and Tony took it to their shop and cleaned it right.  

They have also been able to help a lot of people who plan to sell their homes. Instead of ­costly replacement, they have thoroughly cleaned and done minor repairs to tired-looking carpet and thus given it a new life.

Kathy says they can also get rid of those “red stains” that are all too common from red dyes in soft drinks. Most cleaners give an area a quick once-over, according to franchise standards, and then they’re gone. But the stains are still there. Dri-Rite technicians address each problem and work at getting it clean. They are all IICRC certified and earn every customer’s business.

All work is guaranteed for 15 days, within the time that most stains will resurface if not cleaned properly. Kathy adds that when they get a call back from a customer, it is usually because they are very pleased and have more work to be done.  

Book your carpet and ­upholstery cleaning now and they’ll look great for the holidays. Dri-Rite serves Tulsa, Rogers, Washington and Osage counties, to clean just one area or the entire house. They offer free pick up and delivery of area rugs for better handling in the shop. Call Dri-Rite at (918) 274-0553 and be sure your carpet and upholstery are cleaned right.  


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