Car Care with a Conscience

Your car needs a good mechanic you can trust.

By: Deanna Rebro | Category: Automotive | Issue: January 2010

Jett Stubbs offers car care with a conscience at Briarwood Automotive.

Just like you need a good doctor you can trust, your car needs a good mechanic you can trust. Finding one who is skilled, honest, stands behind his work and treats you with respect is easier said than done. Too many auto service providers have put a black mark on the industry’s reputation as a whole.

That image bothers Jett Stubbs at Briarwood Automotive, 8730 E.46th St. in Tulsa. Jett runs a business of taking care of people’s cars – preventive maintenance and mechanical repairs. And he runs his business with a conscience.  

When you walk through the door at Briarwood, there is no need to feel that the cash register is ringing. Any work will be done well, and it will be priced fairly – many times at a fraction of what dealerships have quoted. “I live my life and my business by one rule,” he explains. “How would I want to be treated?”

Jett is saddened when a lady comes in with a story of how she was intimidated elsewhere and quoted an outrageously high price for an auto repair that may not even be necessary. Men, too, have had the wool pulled over their eyes. At Briarwood Automotive, that won’t happen.

Jett is grateful for every car that comes in. As a matter of fact, he says 95 percent of his business comes from referrals. “I want the quality of my work to stand for itself.” He speaks in simple terms when diagnosing a problem. What did you see? Hear? Smell? What did you do? How did the car act? Then he’ll explain the solution in terms that are just as easy to understand.

One thing that Jett tries especially hard to do is give his customers options. These tough economic times mean every dollar counts. If a major repair is necessary, he’ll work up a price that will provide the needed results for the least amount of money. This is perfect for tight budgets or for people who are planning to trade cars in the near future.  

For those who plan to hold on to their vehicles, Jett offers the ideal solution that includes the best quality parts available. Briarwood Automotive is part of a national network of 13,000 NAPA car care centers. For more than 80 years NAPA has held a reputation for parts that fit right, work right and last.

As an added value, NAPA offers a Peace of Mind nationwide warranty. Qualifying parts and labor are protected for 12 months or 12,000 miles. If your car breaks down anywhere in the United States, the nearest NAPA facility will take care of the problem at no charge.

To help keep your car in top running condition, Briarwood offers a long menu of preventive maintenance services that include four levels of oil changes, climate control system and fuel system services, and battery, brake, power steering and automatic transmission services. You’ll also be alerted to anything that could become a problem, before it escalates.

Whether it is routine maintenance, new tires, brakes and suspension, or a second opinion on a major repair, you’ll see a difference – a very positive difference – at Briarwood Automotive. They are open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Call (918) 664-5330 for an ­appointment.

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