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Tulsa Mothers of Multiples hosts its semi-annual sale on September 8 from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Rivergate Church.

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Donna Evins (right) and her children Braden (blue stripes) and Hunter (orange stripes), and Breanna Grove holding Gracyn and with children Ethan and Avery.

Donna Evins (right) and her children Braden (blue stripes) and Hunter (orange stripes), and Breanna Grove holding Gracyn and with children Ethan and Avery.

Tulsa Mothers of Multiples (TMOMs) is a non-profit ­support group for parents of twins, triplets and more – and on Saturday, September 8, they’re having their big semi-annual sale, which is your chance to get all kinds of gently-used baby and children’s items at great prices.

    If you have or are expecting multiples, TMOMs would love to have you. “We meet once a month to share ideas and ­support each other,” says Donna Evins, a mother of twins and one of TMOMs’ vice presidents. “We offer help for people who are pregnant with twins or who have newborns. Whatever a young mom may be going through, odds are that someone in the group has gone through the same thing.”

    Evins became involved with TMOMS in just such a way. “I learned about Mothers of Multiples from a friend of mine who had triplets,” she says. “When I got pregnant with twins, I wanted to get involved. I wanted advice from people who had been there, and I got a lot of good suggestions. It was great because it was the one place I could walk in where everybody understood my life. It’s so great to have that network of other moms – having two kids at once with the same needs is fun and nerve-wracking, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. The ­support and help I received in the first year was so beneficial – I wanted to give back to other new moms.”

    TMOMs does lots of other things as well. “We get together as moms, we have play dates, and we have a couple different big family get-together days – we do a lot of fun things,” says Evins. Breanna Grove, a mother of twins, adds, “Often, twins or triplets spend time in the NICU, and so we’ll try to help people who are in the hospital by providing meals and in other ways.”

    On Saturday, September 8, TMOMs will host its ­semi-annual sale at Rivergate Church (1439 E. 71st St.). Between ­volunteering and offering items for sale, over 100 TMOMs ­families participate.

    “We have this sale twice a year, and the moms in our group sell items of all kinds, including Halloween costumes, Christmas items, toys, strollers, Pack ’n Plays, highchairs, baby ­equipment, nursery bedding, home items, and, of course, baby, children’s, and adult ­clothing,” Evins says. “And we check all the items carefully beforehand to make sure they’re in good shape.”

    TMOMs is involved with the community in many ways, and the sale is TMOMs’ biggest fundraiser of the year. “At Christmas time, we adopt several families, including some families from outside the group. We’ve donated Gatorade to support our firemen. A lot of our moms are involved with March of Dimes, and we are partnering with Emergency Infant Services for the sale. We try to help each ­other in the group, but also to help others,” Evins says.

    The semi-annual TMOMs sale is Saturday, September 8 from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Rivergate Church (formerly Open Bible Fellowship, 1439 E. 71st St.). Admission is free. Only cash is accepted. Physical donations and cash for Emergency Infant Services will also be accepted.

    “We have a lot of moms ­selling a lot of things,” says Evins. “Come early – the best stuff goes fast.” For more information on the sale or the Tulsa Mothers of Multiples group, visit

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