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Whether you need a Christmas gift or just a new pair of shoes, Felts Shoes has quality footwear available.

By: Lorrie Ward Jackson | Category: Retail | Issue: December 2010

Tabitha Felts helps children find just the right fit for their tiny feet.

Tabitha Felts helps children find just the right fit for their tiny feet.

In 1966, Nancy Sinatra recorded what would become a number one hit and a pop classic to be re-recorded by later artists: “These Boots Are Made for Walkin’.” Though the song is more concerned with a romantic relationship than with actual shoes, according to Tabitha Felts of Felts Shoes in Claremore, you really should be concerned with what your boots – or shoes – are actually made for. “If your feet aren’t happy,” Tabitha says, “Your whole body is not happy.”

Tabitha points out that part of taking care of your feet involves wearing quality shoes that fit properly. Common foot problems, such as hammertoe, corns and bunions, can be traced to ill-fitting shoes, but some problems caused by them are not so obvious. Tabitha reports that oftentimes back, hip, knee and ankle pain can be traced back to the feet as well.

“Some people come in and say, ‘I want a cheap pair of shoes for work,’” Tabitha says. “But I tell them, ‘You are on your feet all day, and what bothers your feet, bothers your whole body.’”

Tabitha says children are often the worst culprits when it comes to choosing the wrong shoe, as they do not really know how a shoe is supposed to fit. “I had one parent tell me her child wore a size 2 ½,” Tabitha recalls.  “But when I measured the little girl’s foot, she actually wore a 4 ½.  Kids tend to tell their parents, ‘Oh, that fits fine.’ But often it does not.”

Measuring is an important part of the fitting process, but so is the quality of the shoe. “When you buy from Felts, you are buying quality,” Tabitha says. “We don’t have seconds, we don’t have knock-offs.” Felts carries popular name brands including Nike, Adidas, and Skechers for sports shoes, and a wide array of boot choices for winter, including Born, Clarks, Bearpaw, and the ever-popular Uggs. Shoes and boots make excellent Christmas gifts for your loved ones, or even for yourself.

In addition to shoes, Tabitha carries other popular items that make wonderful Christmas gifts. One great stocking stuffer is the Power Balance Bracelet. These hologram bracelets were designed for athletes to improve balance, strength and flexibility, but anyone can benefit from them. They are so popular that Tabitha sells about a hundred a month. “My sister’s bracelet has helped her with her vertigo, and my sister-in-law and a friend both wear them for motion sickness,” Tabitha says. “I have also had customers report improvement in back pain and arthritis once they started wearing these bracelets.”

Another great gift, sure to be appreciated, would be a pair of Oakley sunglasses. These sunglasses are known for their quality, and Tabitha points out just one of the exceptional benefits: “Some sunglasses distort your vision. Oakley has designed their glasses with no distortion so your eyes don’t get tired.”

Whether you need a Christmas gift or just a new pair of shoes, look down at your feet and ask, “Are these boots made for walking?” If you can’t answer that question with Nancy Sinatra’s confidence, it is time to pay Tabitha Felts a visit at Felts Shoes, located in the Ne-Mar Shopping Center in Claremore. “These are the only feet you are going to get,” she says with a smile. “Take care of them.”

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