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By: Lorrie Jackson | Category: Other | Issue: December 2006

Sales Associate Laura Wilson and Sales Associate Lauri Guthrie prepare for the approaching Christmas season at The Market in Owasso.

With the abundance of chain stores that have sprung up over the last two decades, a lot of concern has risen about the plight of the small business owner. The Mom and Pop store has all but disappeared from many American Main Streets, leaving vacant windows to stare sadly out at passersby. How can a retail shop survive in the mass merchandising retail arena?

The Market cannot solve all the problems small business owners face, but it has carved a place in the retail world for those who have always dreamed of running a boutique style business and who wish to compete under the current conditions. By joining these business owners together under one roof so that they can share start up costs and day to day operating costs like utilities, staffing, repairs, advertising, promotions and insurance, The Market has made it possible for some small business owners to stay afloat in the waters of fierce competition. And now, The Market has added a new store to its family in Owasso, and that store is gearing up for the Christmas season, decking the halls and aisles with everything a heart could desire for home décor—and a little bit more.

“You can find a Christmas gift for anyone here: teenagers, children, adults,” says Laura Wilson, sales associate. “And after Christmas, we will be having our semi-annual sale.” Laura notes that you will want to mark your calendars for this one, because The Market has only two sales per year. Set aside plenty of time, because one could wander through the Market for hours and still never discover every treasure hiding there: candles, paintings, furniture, rugs, handmade jewelry and bags, antiques and much more.

While you shop, you will want to visit the Kaffe Bona, housed just past the entrance to The Market in Owasso. This charming and quaint little coffee shop gives shoppers a place to relax and enjoy refreshments as they experience the ambience of The Market. If you are planning a party or get together, the balcony space above the Kaffe Bona is available, providing a great view of The Market. The space is rented through Kaffe and can be catered by the restaurant as well. It holds 40-45 people comfortably and is great for all kinds of special events, from bridal and baby showers to Bible studies.

Have you always wanted to have your own home décor business but have always been too intimidated by the overwhelming commitment setting up shop often entails? Do you already have such a business, but would like to expand into different markets without starting a whole new store? Or perhaps you just like to wander through aisles and aisles of stylish home furnishings and accessories, collecting ideas for your home and finding unique pieces at excellent prices. No matter which of these descriptions fit, you are sure to find the experience you desire at The Market, with two locations in the Metro area: Tulsa and Owasso.

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