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LCI Concrete renovates driveways with dependable service and product.

By: Erica Ludwig | Category: Home Improvement | Issue: February 2017

Kalan Paul of LCI Concrete.

Kalan Paul of LCI Concrete.

The season of spring-cleaning is fast approaching and people everywhere rejoice. Finally, you can start fresh by de-cluttering your space as the temperatures rise again. In the midst of home renovations and spring break, don’t forget the best place to start: outside. Flowers will bloom and grass will get greener, but what better place to start than with what greets you every morning and afternoon: the driveway.

Renovating the driveway is a timely task, especially after the wear and tear of winter. Years of winter snow, ice and corrosive salt covering the driveway inevitably deteriorate the concrete. This causes it to become pitted and flaked, transforming into a real eyesore. The deterioration gradually worsens until it has a negative effect on your home’s visual appeal, and even its value. An old cracked driveway cannot only be unsightly, but also dangerous.

Kalan Paul, owner of LCI Concrete, offers a simple solution. Kalan and his team “do driveways”. Projects are completed in one to two days time.

Kalan is highly rated with 20 years of experience to show for it.  He has been in business with LCI Concrete since 2005.

In the home improvement marketplace, we feel like we provide a valuable service at an affordable price in an effort to keep potential clients/customers from getting taken advantage of. We just like to give our customers’ houses an updated look that should last about 30 to 40 years,” he says. “Concrete is also environmentally friendly, as it is composed of renewable resources that can be recycled into granular fill or concrete aggregate.”

LCI Concrete first lays 3/8-inch rebar on industry recommended two-foot grid patterns after the subsurface has been properly prepared. Using industry standards of 3500 psi, the concrete is then poured and finished. Upgrades are available at a low cost. As for payment, LCI doesn’t collect money up front, but upon completion and customer satisfaction.

“We have one goal – to make every customer proud of their new LCI Concrete product that will service them well for decades to come,” says Kalan.

As you plan your next big project, don’t overlook your driveway and walkways. These two areas may seem less glamorous, but they really are an investment worth making and help boost the overall appeal of your home’s entrance.

Call LCI Concrete to schedule a meeting to receive your free estimate.

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