Brighter Teeth, Bigger Smiles

Michael Sanchez, D.D.S., at Renaissance Dental in Owasso believes smiles are reflections of confidence and healthy self-esteem.

By: Lorrie Jackson | Category: Health & Beauty | Issue: June 2007


Have you ever met a person who seemed to be very solemn, withdrawn or unfriendly because he or she did not smile? Although there are many explanations for long faces, many times a person may not smile or talk much due to self-consciousness about the appearance of his or her teeth.

Michael Sanchez, D.D.S., at Renaissance Dental in Owasso believes wholeheartedly that smiles are reflections of confidence and healthy self-esteem. It is no surprise that he is adding a new, innovative technique to his already wide range of whitening options for teeth. This technique, known as Deep Bleaching, offers help to those for whom traditional bleaching techniques have failed.

“The incredible results of this treatment are what drew me to it,” Dr. Sanchez says. He further explains that the treatment even works on Tetracycline stains. Deep, dark lines inside the tooth enamel, the stains are caused by taking the Tetracycline antibiotic during the formative years. “A lot of people with this problem believe that nothing can be done to help them,” Dr. Sanchez says. “But when I show them the before and after pictures, they’re just amazed.”

Dr. Sanchez also adds that the treatment could potentially save people money in the long run on cosmetic dentistry. “A lot of people who have nicely-shaped teeth but can’t get their desired whiteness will spend a lot of money on veneers,” he says. “With this treatment, they won’t need to do that.”


Deep Bleaching works by enabling teeth to absorb oxygen. This is important because the bleach must be absorbed into each tooth in order to break the stain molecules into small, white particles. The treatment involves a combination of in-office treatment and at-home use of special trays that are custom-made for the patient’s teeth. “Not everyone will need Deep Bleaching,” Dr. Sanchez points out. “Some people’s teeth are just able to bleach better and will respond very well to one of the less intensive products.”

For those who have, in the past, experienced tooth sensitivity when using bleaching products, special desensitizing swabs are available to help prepare the teeth before any of Renaissance Dental’s bleaching techniques. In addition to Deep Bleaching, Dr. Sanchez offers teeth-whitening treatments such as professional-strength Crest White Strips, which are only offered at dentists’ offices, standard whitening trays with Opalescence Boost, as well as Zoom, in which whitening is achieved with a combination of bleaching products and light.

Bleaching is just one of the many ways you can brighten your smile at Renaissance Dental. Dr. Sanchez offers all basic dentistry services, including cleaning, veneers, crowns, root canals, fillings and temporomandibular jaw services, better known as TMJ. The entire staff at Renaissance Dental values its patients and works hard to treat them well and make them feel comfortable about coming to the office. Dr. Sanchez states that his first priority and reward as a dentist is to relieve patients’ pain that is caused by dental problems. He says, “People often come in here having had negative self-images for years. It is so rewarding to see their joy when the years of self-negativity melt away as they finally feel confident with their new smiles.”

So if you are ready for an incredible smile but have been leery of the pain or cost, have no fear. Call today for an appointment at Renaissance Dental and experience the difference that a healthy, beautiful smile can make in your life.

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