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The annual competition for “backyard barbecue chefs” takes place October 26-27 at Cherokee Casino Will Rogers Downs.

By: Lorrie Ward | Category: In Our Communities | Issue: October 2012

Judges chow down on delicious barbecue at last year’s Boo-B-Que.

Judges chow down on delicious barbecue at last year’s Boo-B-Que.

Have you been told you’re great on the grill? Are you one of those people who doesn’t need to buy an apron that says “Kiss the Cook!” because your backyard culinary skills inspire plenty of affection on their own? If you have been honing your skills with friends and family and are now ready to share your talents with the rest of the world, Richard Mosier would like to invite you on behalf of the Claremore Reveille Rotary Club to sign up for the Fall Boo-B-Que Contest at Cherokee Casino Will Rogers Downs Friday and Saturday, October 26-27.

    Since the Claremore Reveille Rotary Club also sponsors the spring Boots and BBQ Festival, which is sanctioned and judged by the Kansas City Barbeque Association, those who are new to the competitive arena might be intimidated. But Richard Mosier wants to ­encourage them otherwise. “The Fall Boo-B-Que is for the ­amateur barbeque chef: the guy or gal who is a backyard ­barbeque chef that has received compliments and would like to test their abilities,” Mosier explains. “There is nothing like a little success to inspire a person – and if you don’t win, it encourages you to examine the finer points of your barbeque.”

    Entries for the competition will be accepted right up until the first day of the event, October 26. Categories include Beef Brisket, Pork Ribs, Pork Butt, Chili, Mystery Meat, and People’s Choice. Entries will be judged on tenderness, taste and presentation, because as Mosier notes, “If the entry looks good, it not only makes people want to eat it, but it also indicates a sense of pride on the part of the cook, who wants to make their ­creation appetizing.” Judges will include both non-certified and those certified by the Kansas City Barbeque Association, and Mosier says there is still time for interested parties to volunteer to judge. “We always welcome ‘celebrity’ judges from the ­community, certified or not,” he says, adding with a smile, “The advantage of being a judge is ­getting to try and take home meat that is left over!” Prizes will be awarded in each category, with a total of $3,000 in cash awarded throughout the day.

    Boo-B-Que attendees can purchase taster kits for $5 at 11 a.m. on Saturday, which allows them to try the many different dishes and combinations available throughout the Saturday competition. Mosier points out that there is always a surprising variety, as most ­barbeque competitors are ­particular about creating their own rubs and choose different types of wood to complement their style of cooking, such as pecan, applewood, cherry, ­hickory or mesquite. There will be activities for kids, including Jupiter Jumps and kiddie rides. “We have a lady who brings her ponies every year,” says Mosier. “And the other activities vary each year according to the ­vendors we have participating – people will just have to come on out and join the fun and see what all we have this year!”

    Proceeds for this event ­support the Claremore Reveille Rotary Club, whose projects include an array of human ­interests, ranging from water wells in Nicaragua to ­scholarships to dictionaries for third graders. For more ­information on the club and its endeavors or on entries for ­Boo-B-Que, visit

For more information, contact

Claremore Reveille ­Rotary Club

(918) 906-3842

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