Boo At the Zoo

Walgreens will be hosting free photography services at HallowZOOeen, held October 27 through 31 at the Tulsa Zoo.

By: Sarah Mitschke | Category: Other | Issue: October 2007

Toby Meeker, district photo supervisor for Walgreens, is excited about HallowZOOeen.

For the past 18 years, thousands of Tulsans have ventured to the Tulsa Zoo for its annual HallowZOOeen event. Held October 27 through 31, this year’s event will be fun for the whole family. Lots of candy, activities and entertainment will delight young ghouls and goblins as they roam the zoo grounds. And for the second year, Walgreens is adding its own personal touch to HallowZOOeen.

“We are really excited about this event,” says Toby Meeker, district photo supervisor for Walgreens. “It’s our second year of being involved, and it’s going to be huge.” Like last year, Walgreens is providing photography services for children, families and friends in attendance at HallowZOOeen. Three original, hand painted, Halloween-themed canvases will be the backgrounds for the photos. All pictures will be taken free of charge.

Once photos are taken at HallowZOOeen, they will be organized by date and uploaded to Guests can then go online, put in their e-mail addresses and have the photos of their choice sent to the Walgreens location nearest them for developing. Everyone will get one photo developed free if it is sent to a Walgreens store in this region of Oklahoma. People can even download the photos to their hard drives and print them at home.

“This is a great opportunity for customers to see all the photography services offered on our website,” Meeker says. “There are so many ways to make your pictures special on Photos are really important.” Customers can crop their photos, add borders, change the coloring to sepia or black and white, lighten areas that are too dark, remove red eye and more. Over 200 picture-based gifts are even available, some of which include golf towels, boxer shorts, calendars and aprons. “We have everything; they range from really expensive to under $10,” mentions Meeker.

Trick-or-treaters pose for a Walgreens camera at the 2006 HallowZOOeen event.

A Tulsa Zoo member himself, Meeker says, “My wife and I and our three daughters go out to the zoo all the time. We love the zoo.” Having previously distributed small goodie bags to HallowZOOeen guests, Walgreens wanted to get more involved in the event. Finally, the idea of hosting a photography station was developed with Meeker’s help.

Meeker is excited to see two of his interests come together again this year: the Tulsa Zoo and photography. “Taking photos is a passion of mine,” he mentions. “You just can’t beat capturing someone’s memories.” Meeker will oversee all photographers at Walgreens’ HallowZOOeen picture stations. “Walgreens is becoming more of a partner to the zoo,” he says. “It’s great because we love the community, and the zoo loves the community. This is just one way we can help them out.”

Walgreens is actively involved in helping the community. The company recently gave away over 8,000 ink jet cartridges in the Tulsa area, and it donated $5,000 with Milkbone to the Tulsa Police Department’s canines. “We’ve helped out with the Y-ME breast cancer event, and we did some things with the Tulsa Drillers last summer,” Meeker adds. “We love being involved in the community,” Meeker mentions. “We’re always looking for new ways to get involved. It’s the compassion we have at our district office.”

Join in on all the fun that HallowZOOeen has to offer. A Green Country tradition, it will be a safe place for the entire family to have some Halloween fun. Goblin Stops, sponsored by different businesses and organizations, will be distributing candy to trick-or-treaters. Visitors can stop by the Pumpkin Patch Playroom for some carnival-style games and activities, a hay maze, mini pumpkin painting, face painting, clowns and more. Families will also enjoy riding the train at night.

HallowZOOeen will be held October 27 through 31 from 6:30 to 8:30 each evening. Admission will be $6 for guests and $5 for zoo members, however, advance tickets can be purchased beginning October 1 at the Zoo Friends office or by calling (918) 669-6609. Children age two and under are free. Group discounts are also available for groups of 25 or more people.

Annually, HallowZOOeen raises over $50,000 to help build a better zoo. Be sure not to miss out on your chance to help out and have some fun while you are at it. Get your tickets today. For more information about the event, call the Tulsa Zoo at (918) 669-6601. Visit for the Walgreens location nearest you.

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