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Replenish the Vitamin D in your body and experience the pleasing affects of tanning at Touch of Sun.

By: Lorrie Ward | Category: Professional Services | Issue: January 2013

Megan Gomez, manager of Touch of Sun.

Megan Gomez, manager of Touch of Sun.

When Old Man Winter drives everyone indoors, most people only get exposed to sunlight when they run to and from their cars on a clear day. Since sunlight is a major source of one of a human’s most necessary ­nutrients, Vitamin D, and since this vitamin releases mood-enhancing endorphins into the body, is it any wonder many of us often experience the ­wintertime blues?

    If winter is stealing the spring from your step, you may just need a touch of sun – and where better to look than Touch of Sun in Owasso and Sand Springs? “Quite a few people get the blues during winter because of the gloomy weather,” says Megan Gomez, manager at Touch of Sun. “And when you are not in the sun, you become Vitamin D deficient.” Megan further relates that some ­physicians even suggest patients with Seasonal Affective Disorder (a mood disorder which is ­directly related to the weather) try tanning sessions to help boost their moods. But you do not have to have been diagnosed with SAD to experience the blahs that come with cold ­weather. “Being in the sun just makes you feel good,” says Megan. “But during the winter you won’t experience this because you’re all bundled up.”

    This makes winter the ­perfect time to start visiting Touch of Sun in Owasso or Sand Springs. Owned by Megan’s parents, Stan and Barbie Gomez, Touch of Sun is a multi-level tanning salon, ­offering a great variety of tanning options to warm you up and boost your mood, with ­tanning equipment by Royal Sun, including Express, Turbo, Turbo Stand-Up, Ultra High Bronze, and Ultra High UV Scan. “Our Royal Sun tanning equipment will tan you faster and your tan will last longer than any bed you have been in,” says Megan.

    Sessions are reasonably priced and packages can be ­purchased by the month. Touch of Sun does not operate by the dreaded contract system; rather, they offer discounts for consecutively purchased months. Single sessions are also available. Touch of Sun employees are “Smart Tan Certified,” which means they have been educated on skin, tanning, and methods to enhance your tanning experience, and they have been trained to help assess different skin types and to advise the right level and pace of tanning. “Our number one goal has always been to ­never burn people,” Megan relates. To help keep your skin soft and supple while still ­receiving the optimum tan ­experience, Touch of Sun also offers a wide variety of lotions and tan enhancers from Australian Gold and Designer Skin, with a 25 percent discount on these products with active packages.

    For those who simply want the look of a tan without any time under the lamps, Touch of Sun also offers Versa Spa™ by Magic Tan. “The new Versa Spa ™ system is a full body treatment system that allows you to select from a combination of solutions that will bronze and smooth your skin,” says Megan. “Rather than a simple tint, Versa Spa™ creates a complete spa-like session that results in a healthy, natural look.”

    Whether you wistfully long to be touched by the warm sun or just want to sport that ­v­sun-kissed look, be sure to visit Touch of Sun in Owasso or Sand Springs, where your first tan is free, there are no ­contracts, and you receive 25 percent off your first package.

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