Be Comfortable in Your Own Skin

The truth is, you’re not fooling anyone with those baggy clothes.

By: Duane Blankenship | Category: Health & Fitness | Issue: June 2009

Tasha, Danny and Cole are three of the certified personal trainers at Fitness Together Brookside.

The truth is, you’re not fooling anyone with those baggy clothes, least of all yourself. According to Cole Nelson, manager and certified fitness trainer for Fitness Together (FT) Brookside, “That’s why Fitness Together was created. Nothing is going to get results faster than a workout designed specifically for you and you alone.” Add to that a certified personal trainer to motivate you one-on-one in a private studio, and in no time you’ll be feeling the pride of accomplishment as you work to achieve your personal fitness goals.

It’s no secret – getting out of shape can sneak up on us unless we’re willing to make a conscientious effort and find the proper motivation to stay on target, something most of us won’t do by ourselves. We toe the line for a period, start showing results, and then start slipping back to our old selves and our old habits. Unfortunately, most of those old habits are not the ones that are going to have us eating and exercising the way we know we should.  

Since 1983, hundreds of thousands of clients have experienced the positive results of working with a Fitness Together personal trainer. These worldwide studios have helped men and women from 12 to 95 years of age gain a better quality of life.

Fitness Together Brookside offers a free session with a personal trainer and a free assessment to determine exactly what your goals are and the best way to attain them. “Our aim is to provide our clients with quality, private, one-on-one personal fitness training,” says Cole. The FT philosophy sums it up – one client, one trainer, one goal.  

There’s no question you’ll get results with a personal fitness trainer from Fitness Together. The highly trained staff will create and implement a routine just for you that is centered on three main components – resistance training, a cardiovascular routine, and proper nutrition guidelines. It won’t take long for you to begin understanding the principles involved with your personal program, and you’ll quickly be motivated to stay on course.

The personal trainers will help you teach your body to function more efficiently and effectively during day-to-day work and leisure activities. They will help you overcome common conditions that arise from a sedentary lifestyle, including obesity, complications that arise from obesity, and stress. This is all without the inconvenience and distractions you often find at a regular gym. Working closely three times a week with your own personal fitness trainer like Cole, Danny or Tasha at Fitness Together, you’ll soon be catching glimpses of yourself in the mirror and thinking, “Hey, not bad. Not bad at all.”

Although Fitness Together Brookside has been in the same location for three years, they are now under completely new management and will be featuring an open house in early June. You’re invited to visit the website or come by to personally check them out and see if Fitness Together meets your expectations. If they do, you can begin reaping the benefits of FT’s unique training programs with your own trusted fitness expert, who will help you stay motivated to change your lifestyle and reach your personal health and fitness goals – the ones you’ve been dreaming about.

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