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Beverly is absolutely thrilled with the outcome of her experience with Dr. LaButti.

By: Sheryl Sowell | Category: Health & Fitness | Issue: May 2010

Beverly Tindall of Tahlequah says that no one can 
even tell she has had a total hip replacement.

Beverly Tindall of Tahlequah says that no one can even tell she has had a total hip replacement.

Beverly Tindall and her husband Gene happily live in a retirement village in Tahlequah. The facility is massive, and the couple regularly walks around the entire property. Beverly is a fan of television’s Dr. Oz, and strives to meet his recommendation of 10,000 daily steps. She even has a pink iPod shuffle filled with contemporary worship music to get her motivated.

Two years ago, this was not the active lifestyle Beverly was living. At that point, she could barely walk at all. “I have never had arthritis, but about six or seven years ago I was in Branson trying to keep up with a group of young people, and I ended up having a bad fall. Eventually I found out that a fall can cause a joint to completely fall apart.”

Beverly had always been a regular walker and was a member of Curves gym. After her fall, she began experiencing hip pain that in time got worse and worse. The pain became so unbearable, she had trouble moving around at all.

“A friend of mine who lives in our retirement community had undergone hip surgery, and encouraged me to visit her orthopedic surgeon, Dr. LaButti. I didn’t think I needed a hip replacement yet, but I decided to check it out.”

Beverly made an appointment with Dr. Ronald S. LaButti of Central States Orthopedic Specialists in Tulsa, and learned that no cartilage was left in her hip joint. “I was surprised, but I still didn’t feel like I was prepared for surgery. Dr. LaButti knew I wasn’t ready yet, so he started me on a shot treatment. The shot only helped for a couple weeks, and then I knew it was time to have the operation. When I finally scheduled the surgery, Dr. LaButti said, ‘I just wanted you to be convinced you needed it,’” says Beverly with a laugh. “I really respected that he didn’t rush me into anything I wasn’t comfortable doing.”

As Beverly reflects on her decision, she laughs about how she asked Dr. LaButti if it was his first time doing the procedure. “I was nervous, but he has done this surgery hundreds of times; he knows what he is doing. I thought, ‘If all of those people can do this, so can I.’ I had complete confidence in Dr. LaButti.”

After receiving her total hip replacement, Beverly recalls going home on Super Bowl Sunday. “My husband Gene is a big football fan. He rolled me in my wheelchair into the living room and parked me right in front of the TV!” she laughs. “He took wonderful care of me as I was recovering, even doing all the cooking – that was an interesting experience! But he has somehow ‘forgotten’ how to cook since then.”

Beverly is absolutely thrilled with the outcome of her experience with Dr. LaButti. “I have no limp when I walk, and I am totally pain-free – I almost forget which hip I had replaced! And no one can tell that I’ve had it done.”

Now that she is living without pain, Beverly can focus on the most important thing in her life – her Christian faith. One of her hobbies is making greeting cards and postcards with scriptures from the Bible, which she gives to family, friends and members of her retirement community. Before settling in Tahlequah, Beverly and Gene spent 12 years as missionaries in Venezuela, where she managed a Christian bookstore. “I have a wonderful modern translation of the Gospel of John, and in the hospital I set up a table with copies of it to give away to the doctors and nurses. This was not just a surgery for me, but a chance to share the gospel with others. That is very important to me.”

Dr. LaButti is fellowship trained in lower extremity joint replacement and reconstruction. To find out more, visit

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